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A week of TV ratings: the overall decline in the "western world" premiere outstanding – Sohu Entertainment Weekly drama ratings (10.02-10.08): the overall decline in the "western world" outstanding Sohu (the premiere entertainment news iCraig) fall into the third week, the majority of public network drama ratings continued to decline. Whether it is in the original series "Sunday night football" as the representative of the sports events, to "voice of America" as the representative of the reality show, and "hip hop Empire" as the representative, or to the designated "Survivor" as the representative of the autumn drama, "drop" has become the new norm for this quarter, and type and the amplitude is becoming more and more. Therefore, this fall either for old drama or drama, a little winter arrives early. Cable television, HBO of the "western world" only one episode aired was "gods", just do not know can not follow the story to continue the premiere of FX’s amazing; "American weird" to verify the highs of the spell, once again break the lowest ratings record. As for the public network and cable television broadcast of the joint vice president of TV debates, and viewing the first presidential debate is a world of difference. The total number of four public stations plus the total number of four cable stations and PBS data of 1 million 540 thousand, the debate was a total of a total of about 37 million 160 thousand viewers, which is the lowest since 2000, the vice presidential debate ratings. Renew the series, although the ratings continued to decline, FX cable or renew the "American strange Tan" seventh seasons; FREEFORM cable television. "The third season" investigators thought. Public network: vice presidential debates in most episodes ratings continued to decline on Sunday, football is still a dominant, NBC television network with "Sunday night football" (Sunday Night Football) broadcast regular season 4 Sunday night game, Kansas City and Pittsburgh at the Emirates Steelers game easily get ratings winner. This game again and again, the road to the chief’s poor score 14-43 defeat almost perfect play the steelers. Although the game is wonderful, ratings have declined again, down 0.9 ($6.71806) last week. With the help of football matches, the FOX television network’s Sunday drama ratings rose across the board. Flagship animated series "Simpson" (The Simpsons) rose sharply by 1.2 (26 thousand and 600); "Guy" (Family) rose by 0.4 (2). The two comedy drama ratings data have also been improved, with new "en" (Son of Zorn) Xinji rose 0.5 (16 thousand and 364); "one earth" (The Last Man On Earth) Xinji also edged up 0.1 (10 thousand and 250). On the contrary, the lack of football programs leading CBS TV network overall decline. News magazine "60 minutes" (Minutes) ratings plummeted by 1.3 (1.3, 10).相关的主题文章: