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Acting and clothing products online at the same time, we are in love with Ma Sichun propaganda for half a month "in July and she" yesterday officially released! Adapted from the Anne youth novel baby name, producer Peter Chan, the son of Eric Tsang first directed by Derek Tsang Dou Jingtong, vocals theme song, this film is not released, it has been labeled a variety of labels, attracted a myriad of topics. Acting and clothing at the same time online, Ma Sichun, we fell in love with the promotion of the film, as the protagonist of Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun repeatedly with the box. Dongyu Zhou often have long legs, dressed, but in fact we all said, standing beside her Ma Sichun is also more and more will wear beautiful girl oh. Micro-blog recently made with black and white figure, said he will go back to lying, keep a good disease, with my quiet running roadshow". You can be so beautiful when you’re sick. Like Dongyu Zhou N, don’t forget the national goddess of the first to know the name "Ma Sichun", because of a series of small fresh style photos. In the do not know what is fashionable, what is the style of the old, looks cute sweet photo of Ma Sichun, plus a small fresh filter, you can directly take over when the mobile phone wallpaper. Ma Sichun said that the face of a little fat meat, but also because this is not the face of the edges and corners, big eyes, sharp nose, Ma Sichun laugh exceptionally gentle, with bright sunshine. National printing wind cloak and white dress standard forest girls dress, although it looks very comfortable and stylish, but eight pole could not beat the edge. I thought Ma Sichun would just stay in our mobile phone wallpaper, but with the increasingly high degree of exposure, she is reborn like a different person. People rely on clothes on the body of Ma Sichun is the perfect embodiment of the. In fact, after all, Ma Sichun has been criticized for not photogenic face too meat is very wronged, and 170 of the height she is tall and shoulder width, not Dongyu Zhou’s petite. So, for such as Ma Sichun shoulders slightly wide line of girls, how to dress fashion? 1 wear V collar small dew clavicle, show the feminine close collar big V collar, show good clavicle lines, feminine; black coat with white skirt, long earrings unilateral and silver heels, whole body and avant-garde, not a burden. Exquisite small V collar can also achieve the desired effect, lateral width and shoulder longitudinal stretching, significantly high and thin; white lace dress soft charming, side slits cut and Rome golden boots tough and handsome, fashionable whole collocation is capitalized! Ouyang Nana: Geminis are tangled mad to give the fans a stiff texture energy family suit dress, in addition to the V word small collar, and full of sense of line asymmetry, collocation simple word stiletto, elegant and fashionable. 2 fashion fun thin straps, pure sexy with both hands in addition to the classic black lace dress, the black small Suihua style can deduce the girl feeling. If a single dress fear is obvious, can soft sweater collocation sweater like Ma Sichun. Can also be shortened to fine condole stuffed shirt jeans, flat shoes, handsome collocation peaked cap. This is a beautiful and good way to wear a white T-shirt, this summer you must have tried a lot like her! 3 basic models base, a pilot jacket collocation personality!相关的主题文章: