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Actress ugly Chen Yao mouth hard, but she has to change his first public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: ugly actress filming hard, Chen Yao changed her because of her mouth Baoya, ugly in line! Source: entertainment hot spotlight delicate skin is very beautiful, the red carpet is the goddess of soaring yen value. Return to their own work filming, they return to a certain extent myself. But just return to their own values Yan many times is not enough, most of the time in order to cope with the role of the effect of ugly is the start screen homely food, beauty is shocking, but many female stars are dedicated a good baby, ugly very hard, but also resorted to ruin the image of my body stops, there are people so small the actor in the line. 8, Chariene Choi Chariene Choi’s uneven yellow teeth, messy hair, and Xi Li Ge’s clothing, ugly Chariene Choi really good hard to exhaust all the skills! 7, Lin Chiling Lin Chiling said that Lin Chiling Diadia very annoying, actually it is a personal accomplishment, the real Lin Chiling is a role for the goddess figure can always put down a good actor, acting aside, in order to enter the state at all roles can be admirable. 6, Chen Yao Chen Yao Chen Yao long is itself like the ugly look more like overflowing, mouth moment into a bucktooth. 5, Zhao Wei Zhao Wei Zhao Wei this is the coal pile off the matchmaker? The matchmaker mouth red with a dark face, but Zhao Wei stunning beauty, even if other more shocking can not resist her beauty. 4, Karen Mok Karen Mok Karen Mok’s spirit of sacrifice so big, this is a long general actor, dare to play ugly really need courage, was her elder sister so ugly look directly into the shocking old aunt. Li Xiaolu 3, Li Xiaolu Li Xiaolu’s life is a gentle voice, very small home small woman, but Li Xiaolu in the play is a lovely Yang Xiaoyun, acting is full of women. Movie actress ugly hard, Chen Yao changed her because of her mouth Baoya, ugly in line! Li Xiaolu Li Xiaolu looks like a moment to play countrywoman Song Dandan, surprisingly similar, full of delight. 2, Huang Yi, this is a yellow Li Xiaolu? I do not know that Berlin Chan is a man dressed as a woman, so no limit to the appearance of the thunder in addition to the is not sei! 1, Li Xinru Li Xinru thick glasses, outline teeth, messy braids, wearing a strange beauty, a moment when Li Xinru Invincible Ugly, ugly but this also let Li Xinru by actor jumped into the big line. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: