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The ancient Huizhou | we said thousands of thousands of minor back home, but no anti – Sohu tourism of ancient Huizhou | we said thousands of thousands of minor back home, did not hesitate to go the distance the Qian let fly from Shanghai to Anhui, is a rainy day in June. Go to the airport by taxi driver from Jingan District, the high-speed railway station I was wrong on the side, a road dragging luggage in the rain, arrived at the gate of the mess, flight delays news radio sounded. The rain from Shanghai to Anhui, as they promised to fell together, suddenly in front of you and, like crying, will be caught off guard, let people lose patience. However, the details of the flight after flight back on the way, was dehydrated air dry, until the rainy season in Guangzhou, water swelling, fresh like yesterday. I am a town village complex, memories of Huizhou, through the white walls and black tiles horse wall Huizhou architecture, can realize the "mountain water ring around the stream, white Yunbi Zhang Painted hard into the passing out of the Huizhou quiet and rich landscape scroll breath. Like a distant dream familiar to me, with the mountain faint clouds on the past, and misty thoughts like black tiles between the spread of weeds growth. Time is like a return to the distant ancient history, walking in my aimless searching, old white walls mottled exudes old time lonely breath. Drawing on a map of Anhui, I searched for the secrets hidden in these beautiful places. And in rainy days, passing a strange place, ask the local people, when people sit car, diandianbobo, this trip is full of the unknown and surprise. Crazy life must, without the dream of Huizhou after I graduated from university the first flat-share roommate is Anhui people, each home to bring me a delicious beef paste, the impression of Anhui start full of good impression from her: honest and hospitable. This was strange journey, carry computer, camera and total cash, some apprehension, later discovered that in fact that completely superfluous. Anhui is not rich, the rich people touched my heart. Like most people, on the understanding of the Huizhou, only know Hongcun, Mount Huangshan and Xidi, Chengkan these famous places, the trip is still not vulgar. In Jingxian County and in the Hui Xuan Jixi no time to take a look. When in Shanghai, ahead of the scheduled Mount Huangshan at the foot of a family called Cheng Jin The Inn Boutique, the boss is a 93 year is called the blue girl, age three years has been in the business hotel. The girl had to meet me at the airport, from the airport to Mount Huangshan, majestic rain, I began to worry about the next few days in the car. I have not done detailed detailed planning habits, think of a general place, and then go straight, often unexpected surprises. The blue and her sister – in the Jin Cheng The Inn Boutique to the hotel when the rain has stopped, from the hotel to Mount Huangshan only one step away, want to enjoy the beautiful Mount Huangshan sunrise or sunset rays in the morning, the slanting Mount Huangshan is very convenient. The rest of the night, early in the morning from the mountain in Mount Huangshan, the hotel give me a piece of their own maps,.相关的主题文章: