Autumn baby pneumonia is not terrible, these complications will be harmful! Sohu –

Autumn baby pneumonia is not terrible, these complications will be harmful! Sohu mother and child fall, the weather becomes a bit cool, the air in the dust began to become more. The air is invisible, but it is always there. Various substances in the air will enter the organs of our body through the mouth and nose. Pathogens in the air is a direct cause of pneumonia in children, and pneumonia is the most common respiratory disease in children, but also a common cause of death in children. Pneumonia is not the most feared disease. As long as the treatment is timely and appropriate, pneumonia will heal. However, if the treatment is not timely, it is likely to bring complications, these complications are the most worried about the baby. Complications of the impression has always been with the disease, is not particularly serious, but at least the severity of complications of pneumonia in children is much higher than pneumonia itself, there will be a certain risk of death. What are the complications of pneumonia in children? Respiratory failure: respiratory failure caused by pneumonia can cause symptoms such as respiratory distress and irritability. Light, the baby breathing heavy, irregular groan; speed up or slow down, and may cause the baby coma or convulsions. If this happens, the mother should take the baby immediately for medical treatment. Pneumothorax: Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia, prone to pneumothorax. In this case, the baby will appear high fever, temperature fluctuations, cough and other symptoms. Hypoxic encephalopathy: severe pneumonia can cause the baby breathing suffering, severe hypoxia, and then the baby will appear vomiting, headache, drowsiness and other symptoms. The incidence of acute encephalopathy, to the fierce, disease risk, often with a variety of diseases occur together, increasing the complexity of the disease, is a relatively high mortality rate of complications. Toxic shock: if the baby body swells or dips, pale, sweating, chills and other symptoms, then the baby is likely to be suffering from a toxic shock. If you suffer from toxic shock dad may directly lead to changes in multiple organs, a direct threat to the safety of your baby. Baby pneumonia is a common disease that can be cured. However, if severe pneumonia or cause more complications, will be directly dangerous to the safety of the baby’s life. So, if the baby appears pneumonia symptoms, mothers must take the baby in time for medical treatment, do not drag!相关的主题文章: