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Away from the village card virus Mid Autumn Travel how to prevent? The "double" National Day holiday approaching, many families have to travel abroad, but recently frequently reported many "Zika fever epidemic, Zhai card during travel once again, how to prevent? Xinhua health for your interpretation. Zika virus is what? Zika virus is mainly spread by mosquito bites, are common symptoms of infection include have a fever, rash, joint pain, muscle pain, headache and conjunctivitis (eye). The condition is usually mild, and symptoms persist for a few days to a week. Severe illness requiring hospitalization is not common. May 15, 2016, Beijing reported the first case of card case. What are the symptoms of this disease, in rare cases, the virus can also be transmitted through sexual transmission or mother to child transmission. Zika virus infection of pregnant women after their births occur microcephaly. Zika fever symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain, muscle pain and non suppurative conjunctivitis. In the face of the village card virus, how should we do? Because there is no effective treatment and vaccine, so it is very important to prevent mosquito bites. The spread of Zika virus is mainly Aedes mosquitoes, this is dengue fever, chikungunya fever and yellow fever in the media, mainly distributed in China’s Liaoning to the south, the area east of Shaanxi. In order to avoid all kinds of mosquito borne virus infection, go out should pay attention to wearing long sleeved clothing (preferably light clothes), use of repellents, and pay attention to close the doors and windows, screens and use of mosquito nets and other ways to avoid mosquito bites; pay attention to the living room or home around the barrel, flowerpot, automobile tires may be water container emptying, maintain clean or be covered to prevent mosquito breeding. At the same time, although the World Health Organization believes that the current need for the outbreak of Zika virus countries take travel or trade restrictions, but travelers still should pay close attention to Zika virus prevalence, especially in pregnant women, should be considered to postpone travel Zika virus spreading area. If you really need to go to the local health, inspection and quarantine or the tourism sector in advance, the views of these measures to avoid mosquito bites during travel. Once the report of the local infection in the case of a case of fever, headache, muscle and joint pain and skin rash and other symptoms, should be taken to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine organs oral declaration. After the entry of these symptoms, should immediately seek medical treatment, and to explain the recent travel history to the doctor.相关的主题文章: