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Ayumi Hamasaki and her husband declared peace divorce three years of marriage ended with her ex husband Ayumi Hamasaki Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news (compiled Domino) officially announced the day before the singer Ayumi Hamasaki and was married in 2014, 10 years younger than their husband divorce, three years of marriage formally ends. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama Ayumi Hamasaki wrote on the FC website, and has been living together for three years, her husband broke up, future will embark on a different journey of life. On the FC website that Ayumi Hamasaki did not marry the reason, just announced that it will continue to tour and rehearsal for the new song recording, quite a bit for the treatment of hurt feelings and forge ahead the feeling. According to stakeholders broke the news, Ayumi Hamasaki and her husband had been separated before the divorce. And the firm is said to be handed over to private artists I handle, it is not convenient to publish any comments. It is reported that in July last year, Ayumi Hamasaki said in an interview, the marriage is to take care of her husband medical school and moved to the United States of Losangeles, working hard to carry out, hoping to return to Japan to work going smoothly, so some analysis because of work caused by conflicts between husband and wife is two people in reason.相关的主题文章: