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Bank of Holland: Australian Federal Reserve loose or end, but the Australian dollar to see 0.74- Sohu financial FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) Holland Bank (ABN Amro) on Wednesday (September 21st) author expects the Australian Federal Reserve loose cycle or end, but the Australian dollar to see the 0.74 level. As follows: the financial market to the Australian Federal Reserve this year to expand the loose pricing is only 25%. We think the RBA’s rate of cutting interest rates by 25 basis points in the year has also dropped. However, the loose debate lingers. The RBA pointed out that the strong economic growth in the two quarter boosted demand significantly. But from the Australian financial situation, we do not think that this driving factor can continue. It is worth noting that while the role of easing policy weakens, the role is at least still positive. In the property market, the RBA has noticed a slowdown in housing prices over the past year and a rise in rental vacancy rates. Although the selling rate has risen, the number of auction sales has declined and is lower than the level of the same period last year. Mortgage growth has also become moderate. We expect inflation to remain below the 2-3% target in the three quarter, and the cost pressure is still low due to wage growth. In terms of exchange rates, we believe that the Australian dollar is likely to decline in the coming months because the market is less than 60% of the Fed’s interest rate hike in December. The Australian dollar is expected to target 0.74 at the end of 2016. Beijing time at 10:31 on September 21st, the Australian dollar 0.755154. (source: FX168 financial network)

荷兰银行:澳联储宽松或完结 但澳元看向0.74-搜狐理财  FX168财经报社(香港)讯荷兰银行(ABN Amro)周三(9月21日)撰文预计,澳联储宽松周期或完结,但澳元看向0.74水平。内容如下:   金融市场对澳联储今年扩大宽松的定价仅为25%。我们认为澳联储年内降息25个基点的概率也下降了。   但是,有关宽松的争论犹存。澳联储指出,二季度经济强劲对需求的提振显著。但从澳洲财政状况来看,我们不认为这一驱动因素能持续。值得注意的是,宽松政策作用减弱的同时,作用至少仍是正面的。   楼市方面,澳联储已经注意到过去一年房价增速放缓,租赁空置率上升。虽然抛售率上升,但拍售数量下降且低于去年同期水平。房贷增长也变得温和。我们预计三季度通胀仍将低于2-3%的目标,因薪资增速等成本压力仍处于低位。   汇率方面,我们认为澳元未来数月走低的概率比走高要高,因为市场对美联储12月升息的定价程度不足60%。本行预计澳元 美元2016年末目标0.74水平。   北京时间9月21日10:31,澳元 美元报0.7551 54。 (来源:FX168财经网)相关的主题文章: