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Fashion-Style Custom t-shirts offers you the opportunities to personalize the t-shirt with whatever design you want. It is suitable for both organizations and individuals. Organizations such as .panies and charities often order t-shirts that are printed with the same design in bulk. For bulk order, you can opt for the screen printing service. Screen printing services enable customers to save money when they are ordering a large number of t-shirts. Screen printing is cheap because of the restricted customization options. You can only personalize the t-shirts with one design. Most t-shirt printing .panies also will not let you choose the material, color and size of the t-shirts in the bulk order you placed. If you want the t-shirt to have different color, you will have to tell the customer service representative so it is troublesome. You will save as much as 50% of the usual t-shirt price if you choose the screen printing technique. The average cost of a screen printed t-shirt is about $2 – $12 depending on many factors including the t-shirt printing shop, the material of the t-shirt and etc. If you want to save a great deal of money, you need to order from a t-shirt printing .pany that is specialized in screen printing. .panies that specialize in t-shirt screen printing are able to offer the lowest possible price for customers. Another option is the digital t-shirt printing service. The digital t-shirt printing service allows your t-shirts to be printed with a digital printer. Digital printing service involves a higher cost because you can customize the t-shirts with colorful designs. You can personalize all the t-shirts with different designs unlike the screen printing option. Most t-shirt printing .panies allow customers to design t-shirts with the online designer tool. The online designer tool is equipped with basic editing features. You will need to use the online designer tool to upload your design. After you have uploaded the design, you will see it in the image gallery. As soon as the design appears in the image gallery, you can add it onto the t-shirt by dragging it. In some stores, the design will automatically appear on the t-shirt as soon as it is uploaded. You can drag the design to any position on the t-shirt. You can resize the design on the t-shirt to fit your needs. After you are satisfied, you can checkout. Normally, you will get free standard shipping on your order. With free standard shipping, you dont have to pay shipping cost to get the order shipped to your house. When shopping for custom t-shirts, be sure to browse different custom t-shirts stores. The custom t-shirts stores should allow you to choose from a large range of t-shirt products. Some of the products you can choose include sweatshirts, hoodies, jerseys, polos and etc. The cost of the custom t-shirts depend on the type of t-shirts you choose and the number of t-shirts you buy. For example, the cost of a custom hoodies is more expensive than a standard custom t-shirts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: