Beijing sea ice field before and after managing all closed part of the lake began to melt-ca1835

Beijing sea ice field before and after managing all closed part of the lake began to melt ice field before and after the original title: managing all closed warm weather rainfall caused the ice slip Beijing morning 96101 live news (reporter Fan Yijing Jia Yue) the Spring Festival holiday, many people came to the Shichahai skating. Now the temperature rise, before the sea ice field has been closed, part of ice melting, and sea ice field is still business as usual, some tourists worry can continue carrying people skating rink. In this regard, Shishahai ice field responded that the person in charge, taking into account the ice, weather and other factors, before the sea ice field has 11 closed, then the sea ice field also from today officially closed. Yesterday, the highest temperature reached 10 degrees during the day, the reporter came to the afternoon of Shichahai in Qianhai, on a deserted ice, the ice has melted near the shore, along the railing hanging "thin ice danger" sign, several staff members are cleaning the ice piles and other facilities. The ice rink at the entrance also hang "because of bad weather, the Qianhai ice closed" and "no climbing" to inform the card. According to the staff, and after the Qianhai sea ice field annual closing time, "11 days off before the sea ice field, the Houhai ice skating and ice thickness." The reporters found that the Qianhai east along the periphery of the ice of the lake has a large area of melting, appeared on the surface waters, only a few wild duck are playing. But only after being separated from sea ice field Yinding bridge still as in the past, bustling, hundreds of people in the ice skating or riding a bicycle on ice, is very lively (Figure). Here are the ice skating, there still dare?" A street and the visitors some concern that. Subsequently, the reporters came to the field after the sea ice, the entrance of placing a bicycle on ice, the ice is near aqua, but after the ice a ticket window before, people queuing up a piece of. The ticket number, ice station staff in the team before holding a horn shouting suspended ticket". "This ice is not strong." Visitors Mr. Gao on the bar top ticket office near the edge of the ice, overlooking the children eager to automatic speaking, visible expression had quipped, "today is to accompany." In the afternoon, the sky began to drizzle, the tourists still come to buy tickets in a continuous line, lined with an umbrella. Many people said, came all the way to a trip is not easy, not can not play to have fun. Why not far apart the two rink closed time inconsistent? A staff member of Shishahai ice rink pointed at the entrance of the exhibition board said, "every day a special measuring ice thickness, ice thickness of at least 15 cm to business, today the most thin places 18 cm. When the cold weather is cold ice, ice here there better than Qianhai." The staff said that the three Houhai ice rink was originally open entrance, only two of normal business. Said Mr. Wang Shishahai ice field responsible person in an interview with reporters yesterday, the Shichahai, Houhai is a former ice rink, closed on 11 July, the Houhai ice today officially closed. "The ice rink is closed in addition to ice thickness, but also considering many factors. It often rains recently, tourists are easy to slip, the weather is getting warm, so I decided to close after the sea ice field. Three

北京前后海冰场今起全部关闭 部分湖面开始融化   原标题:前后海冰场今起全部关闭   天气转暖 降雨致冰面易滑倒   北京晨报96101现场新闻(记者 樊一婧 贾悦)春节假期,不少人专程到什刹海滑冰。眼下气温回升,前海冰场已停业,部分冰面融化,而后海冰场仍照常营业,一些游客担忧冰场能否继续承载众人滑冰。对此,什刹海冰场负责人回应称,考虑到冰面、天气等综合因素,前海冰场已于11日关闭,而后海冰场也从今日起正式关闭。   昨天白天最高气温达到10℃,记者午后来到什刹海前海时,冰面上一片冷清,靠近岸边的冰层已逐渐融化,沿岸栏杆上悬挂着“冰薄危险”的提示牌,几名工作人员正在清理冰上的木桩等设施。冰场入口处也挂着“因天气原因,前海冰场暂停营业”和“禁止攀爬”的告知牌。据工作人员介绍,前海与后海冰场每年关闭时间不同,“前海冰场11日关的,后海冰场冰厚,还能滑冰。”   记者发现,前海东沿周边湖面的冰已大面积融化,出现了水域,水面上几只野鸭正在嬉戏。而仅仅被银锭桥隔开的后海冰场仍如同以往热闹非凡,上百人在冰面上滑冰或骑冰上自行车,很是热闹(图)。“这边冰都化了,那边还敢滑冰啊?”一位沿街而过的游客有些担忧地说。   随后,记者来到后海冰场,入口处放置着冰上自行车,附近的冰面有水漾出,但后海冰场一售票窗口前,排队的人群黑压压一片。由于买票人数较多,冰场工作人员站在队伍前举着喇叭大喊“暂停售票”。   “这冰不结实了吧。”游客高先生倚靠在售票处附近的桥栏杆边,远眺着冰面自言自语,可见到孩子们跃跃欲试的表情,只得打趣说,“今儿就舍身相陪吧。”当天下午,天空中下起毛毛细雨,前来买票的游客仍络绎不绝,打着伞排起长队。多人表示,大老远赶来一趟不容易,非玩到尽兴不可。   为何相距并不远的两个冰场停业时间不一致?什刹海冰场的一位工作人员指了指入口处的展示牌称,“每天都有专人测冰的厚度,冰层厚度至少达到15厘米才能营业,今天最薄的地方18厘米。都是天冷的时候冻的冰,这边冰比前海那边好些。”该工作人员说,后海冰场原本开放的三个入口,只剩下两个正常营业。   什刹海冰场负责人王先生昨天接受记者采访时表示,什刹海前、后海同属一个冰场,前海冰场于11日关闭,后海冰场今日起正式关闭。“冰场是否关闭除了看冰面的厚度,还要综合考虑很多因素。最近经常下雨,游客容易滑倒,天气也转暖了,所以决定将后海冰场也关闭。”   樊一婧 摄   线索:辰先生 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: