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Beijing Shougang   playoff victory over Fujian; Min Lulei: hard – Sports – yesterday in Fujian through this thrilling home court slightly off, Min Lulei said after the game, win in Fujian is not easy, because we all know that this game is too important. Talking about the importance of this game, Min Lulei said: "if you don’t win the game, is to ensure that not into the top eight, the game is very important to us." Min Lulei believes that the team is very difficult, "at present, our team personnel are scarce, but also lost three straight games, this game I think we have good attitude adjustment, from the start of 9 points behind, we must adjust is relatively fast. In addition we emphasized with you is the most strong, in the face of so many difficulties, if we thought then a little thought, not concentrated, find the posterior, we will appear problem, today we are still good at will." The Fujian team has lost the playoff qualification, but not free to play this game, Min Lulei said: "in fact, the mentality is very subtle, one is the Fujian team with three foreign aid, strength is also very strong, and we are a can not lose the game, so we fight pressure, inhibited this phenomenon is normal. After completing our goal, we put down the burden to go, I want to make sure the game is better than today." 北京首钢晋级季后赛 闵鹿蕾:取胜福建很艰难–体育–人民网 昨天在主场略显惊险地闯过福建这一关,闵鹿蕾赛后坦言,取胜福建并不容易,因为大家都知道这场比赛太重要了。 谈到这场比赛的重要性,闵鹿蕾坦言:“如果不赢下这场球,是确保不了进入前八名的,比赛对我们来说很重要。”闵鹿蕾认为球队目前很困难,“目前我们队里人员奇缺,而且又连续输了三场比赛,这场比赛我觉得大家心态调整得不错,从开局落后9分,大家调整得还是比较快的。另外我们跟大家强调最多的就是坚强,在面对这么多困难的情况下,如果大家在思想上稍微那么一闪念,不集中、找后路,我们就肯定会出现问题,今天大家在意志上还是不错。” 福建队已经失去了季后赛的资格,但是并没有随意来打这场球,闵鹿蕾说:“其实心态特别的微妙,一个是福建队拥有三外援,实力也非常强,而且我们还是一场不能输的比赛,因此大家打起来有压力、拘谨,这个现象也比较正常。在完成了我们的目标后,大家放下包袱放开手脚,我想后面的比赛打得肯定比今天要好。”相关的主题文章: