Benjamin Yuen Cen early break up the man wanted to find the opportunity to break the ice winflash

Benjamin Yuen Cen Xingxian earlier broke man looking for opportunities to break the ice with Benjamin Yuen said Cen Xingxian (small) after the break to contact Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 27th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Benjamin Yuen and Cen Xingxian the day before yesterday (November 26th) announced the break, Benjamin Yuen as "TVB Malaysia Star Awards 2016" a rehearsal, he said the mood has calmed down a lot, used to Taiwan is full, not because of any sense of distraction. He said: "close to the door to think is another matter, there are a lot of friends to support me refueling. (you can have contact with the CEN Xingxian?) Contact, we have a tacit understanding how to deal with this matter. Is there anything else to do but break up? Will not, but it is inevitable to find a chance to break the ice, this opportunity to come slowly, in the heart." Although split up with each other, but he has not been able to think with boyfriend identity to support the old love, still more care support media special request. Refused to explain whether the third involved in the two people have not been accountable for breaking up with the third, Benjamin Yuen said: we have said that the company is not related to any female colleagues, the details will not account. Is it hard to be confused with people outside the company? Pointless speculation, do not need. Frankly, a lot of things is to be honest, and sometimes their character is indeed relatively hot, some things forgotten, do not know how to be honest to explain, easy to make the lack of security and misunderstanding. This lesson will give me a chance to study well in the future." (Ying Ying) (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章: