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Travel-and-Leisure Why settle for anything less when you can holiday in Shangri-La itself by booking a Bhutan tour package? Tucked away in the higher reaches of the Great Himalayas, Bhutan, a tiny landlocked country, lies in obscurity – well away from the modern commercialized tourist circuits. With a tradition of conservation of nature and ancient traditions, this great Himalayan kingdom has managed to retain much of its magnificence despite technological developments and tourist inflows, thereby ensuring that this last Shangri-La remains untouched and unexploited – even today. As you tour Bhutan, you will find monasteries, ancient temples, Dzongs, stupas and chortens in almost every corner of the nation – but it is not in these that you can truly experience the charm of Bhutan. Yes, they have their own significance but it is in the culture and the lifestyle of the Bhutanese folk that you will find the secret to Shangri-La. After all, these are the very people who have made Bhutan the happiest nation on earth – the architectural landmarks form but an interesting backdrop! Revel in Bhutanese charm with a tour of Bhutan’s rural landscapes especially Bumthang Valley and Trongsa, where you can enjoy tours of rural cottage industries, watch the women weave traditional fabrics in vibrant colours and the men press into service their paper making and distillery skills. Explore cities such as Thimpu, Phuentsholing and Paro, which although more sophisticated than their rural counterparts, remain to their core traditionally inclined. Watch the monks create soft copies of ancient Buddhist literature and businessmen and professionals going about their work chatting on mobile phones and working on laptops while dressed in robes and tunics – their National Dress, the mandatory dress code for formal occasions. With most Bhutan tours taking you through some of the most magnificent landscapes of the Himalayas, you will find yourself enjoying amazing views of the great majestic peaks, past valleys, mountainous forests, gurgling rivers and stunning waterfalls as you travel from one destination to other. However, if nature is what attracts you to Bhutan in the first place, then make sure that your holiday tour of Bhutan covers the best of it. Nature lovers will find Bhutan to be a slice of heaven, literally. With over 60% of the total area designated as a forest cover and a Buddhist ethos of revering all living beings as sacred, wildlife thrives here safe within the cocoons of lush greenery. In fact, Bhutan has the distinction of being one of the Ten Biodiversity Hotspots of the world and a tour of Bhutan’s green belt can put you in touch with around 770 species of birds and wildlife such as snow leopard, tiger, golden langur, blue sheep and elephants, not to mention the amazing variety of flora. The best way to enjoy a nature break in this amazing country is to opt for tour packages that involve trekking across Bhutan. Most of the trekking tours in Bhutan begin from Drukgyel Dzong and include trekking up hilly paths, past scenic meadows and through heavily wooded forests with stops in-between for hot lunches by the riverside and overnight camps. Irrespective of which facet of Bhutan you explore, you will find yourself falling head-over-heels in love with this great nation. Every trip to Bhutan will only whet your appetite and make you yearn for more of Bhutan Tours . However, the limited entry permits and a heavily guarded tourism policy make Bhutan only for the lucky few – are you one of them? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: