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Blogging-Rss I believe that the easiest way to make money online is by blogging. It’s so simple these days, especially with all the free blog platforms out there. You can easily register with blogger, start writing content, monetize the blog and start earning money the same day. And a small blogging business cant be built upon, and will bring you income for years down the line – cha-chin! How do I go about starting a blog? Well that’s simple. I recommend everyone new to blogging head over to blogger to get started. It’s a completely free blogging platform. No coding skills are needed whatsoever. And they have a number of different templates for you to choose. You can literally have a blog ready in just two minutes. You need to pick a niche first though. Just one. You need to write content for this niche every single day, so it’s important you’re passionate and know a little something about it! For more details go to: once you’ve decided on a niche, head on over to Google’s keyword tool and search for a popular phrase in your niche. If instance, if your niche is weight loss, search for how to lose weight or something. You’ll then be given a list of phrases that people are searching for. Then it’s just a case of writing content for those keywords. You do that everyday. Google loves fresh content, so it’s important you update your blog everyday. Doing so will give you better rankings in the search engines, and that means more visitors! Next thing you need to do is monetize your blog, you need to find a way of earning money from your visitors. This all depends on your niche. But I’ll give you a few ideas. If your niche is interested in hard physical goods, you can set yourself an Amazon or eBay shop. For can visit to: .your-own-blog.. so if you’re niche is weight loss, you can add some exercise equipment to your blog through Amazon or eBay. And start earning money that way. You could also have a look on Clickbank to see if there are any e-books on your niche. E-books are hot right now and most sell well. So if you can find one on Clickbank, don’t hesitate to start promoting it on your blog. If you can’t find anything through Amazon, eBay or Clickbank. You could try searching in Google for different affiliate programs in your niche. Or you could register with Google AdSense and put some ads up on your blog, where you earn when each visitor click. I do realize this may seem quite difficult to some people, so I’ve included a link below to an excellent step by step make money blogging guide. It’s helped me achieve some extra cash this year, from doing very little work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: