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The BMW concept X2 official map to show the future X car design language – Anhui channel — original title: the BMW concept X2 official map to show the future X car design language automobile in September 30, (E Zhichao) the day before, BMW officially released X2 concept car official figure, the car show the future design language X series models, the car will be at the Paris Auto Show debut, and the production version is expected to come out in 2017. BMW X2 will be the brand X series to fill the market segments, and its relationship with X1 is similar to the relationship between X6 and X5. It is positioned as a car running SUV (BMW is called SAV). From the chart, the new car has borrowed some design elements of the new X1, but has made innovations, including a more solid double kidney grille and angel eye headlights. The outline of the grille is bigger than that of the current X model, and the shape is also changing. The X2 concept car uses a lot of lines on the side of the body, looks more muscular, and uses irregular shaped wheel arches. The C column has a BMW badge, a slender taillight and a very thick circular exhaust pipe at the end of the car. It is reported that the vehicle will be built with the UKL precursor platform just like the new X1, and is expected to have the same 1.5T three cylinder, 2.0T four cylinder turbocharged engine and xDrive four-wheel drive system. Comment: the product of the UKL platform is growing, which shows that BMW hopes to bring the potential of this platform to the extreme. As a derivative version of the X1 model, the X2 model is more athletic. In view of the X6 and X4 models have been launched, the speed of X2 will be slow. (: suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) 宝马X2概念车官图发布 展现未来X车系设计语言–安徽频道–人民网 原标题:宝马X2概念车官图发布 展现未来X车系设计语言   人民网汽车9月30日电(鄂智超)日前,宝马正式发布了X2概念车的官方图,该车展现了未来X系列车型的设计语言,其实车将在巴黎车展上首发亮相,而量产版预计将在2017年问世。   宝马X2将是该品牌X系列填补细分市场的一款车型,其与X1的关系类似于X6与X5的关系,定位为一款轿跑型SUV(宝马称为SAV)。从图上看,新车借鉴了全新X1的一些设计元素,但有所创新,包括采用了更为立体的双肾格栅与天使眼大灯,其中格栅的轮廓相比目前的X车型更大,形状也有所变化。   X2概念车在车身侧面采用了丰富的线条,看起来更具肌肉感,并采用了不规则形状的轮拱。C柱上有着BMW的徽章,车尾处则采用了纤细的尾灯,还使用了非常粗壮的圆形排气管。   据悉,该车将与全新X1一样采用UKL前驱平台打造,有望配备相同的1.5T三缸、2.0T四缸涡轮增压发动机,并提供xDrive四驱系统。   点评:UKL平台的产品不断壮大,表明宝马希望将这个平台的潜力发挥到极致。X2车型作为X1车型的衍生版本,外观更为运动。鉴于X6、X4车型已先后推出,X2的推出速度或将不慢。 (责编:苏恒、张磊)相关的主题文章: