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Jewelry-Diamonds As we all know, the oldest jewellery dates back from the prehistoric times, which give us a good idea of how long the evolution of fashion actually is. Today were talking about Fancy Jewellery and trends which evolve during the each season. If its important for you to stay up to date with the latest trends, its crucial to match the newest jewellery with the beautiful evening dress youve just bought. Turquoise jewellery Fashion Jewellery often .es with rare ornamental stones. These gems have the ability to shine and sparkle in certain lighting conditions, which makes them very attractive and interesting. One of the mostly used gems of 2012/13 season is turquoise. This is one of the oldest gems which were actually used to be put into decorative objects. According to fashion experts, turquoise .pliments grey and neutral colored wardrobe. It will also suit you perfectly if youve got blue or green colored eyes. Amber jewellery Another natural decorative material which is being appreciated since prehistoric times is called amber. Its got very interesting yellow color and its translucency resembles honey, making it soft and warm. Youll surely see it a lot throughout the season of 2012/13, especially in higher class fashion jewellery. Its good to know that amber .es in five different classes and it actually originates from fossilized tree called resin. Very often youll see small inclusions in it which are actually animal or plan materials which got fossilized along with resin. Jewellery collects with jade Another very popular gem is called jade. Many fashion critics are saying that popularity of jade in the newest pieces of jewellery is a consequence of newly formed Asian fashion scene, since jade is especially significant in this part of the world. Its being used since ancient times. Season of 2012/13 brings us very interesting jade necklaces and earrings which are usually .bined with silver decorative elements which creates very elegant pieces of jewellery. Jewellery made of jasper Finally, theres one more very interesting gemstone which was once again fashionable in the season of 2012/13. Its called jasper and its quite different from any of those gems we previously reported on. Its perfect for jewellery because it .es in many different colors, which makes it perfect for .bining with differently colored wardrobe. It can be quite subtle or very shiny, which depends on the level of the final polishing. Newest jewellery collections are using jasper in lavishly looking necklaces. Natural materials and colorful precious stones are once again fashionable. On the other hand, some gems like turquoise and amber are once again fashionable and popular, so we surely expect to see a lot of light blue and translucent yellow on the streets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: