Call of duty 13 evaluation tasteless and does not change the deadline is

"Call of duty 13" evaluation: tasteless and does not change the deadline is approaching [Sina game original unauthorized reprint] once a year the "call of duty" as promised, but this year’s "call of duty 13: Infinite War" is to be very quiet. Once a FPS’s industry benchmark seems to have been difficult in many homogenization works the firm position, in the eyes of the game player will probably take a "like existence. And after playing more and more feel, battlefield 1 return to the war theme of this decision is how wise and farsighted. "Call of duty 13" evaluation of various aspects of the reaction is plain, see more than blame in the formal evaluation, we first look at the performance of the sale since the. The first media scores are good, but not particularly attractive. IGN gives 7.7 points, lackluster multiplayer battle mode, still need to be improved, the only bright spot is actually absurd zombie mode. Then according to media statistics, in the first week of the sale of unlimited war, the highest number of online less than 1/4 of the previous, the current number of online Steam less than 10 thousand people. In the sales volume is not as good as last year, Black Ops 3 half of the same period sales. Another cruel fact is that the "Black Ops 3" the game player loss speed is quite fast, in the past year has 86% of the game player to give up the game, presumably "Infinite War" could not escape this fate. The number of game player is totally unlike sale less than a week’s big game player so indifferent, on the one hand and the recent shooting game masterpiece Blowout Sale, but the fundamental reason is that now the "call of duty" has let the game player fatigue completely, a generation of King down the detective, when respected Pilgrim looking forward to the game grand has ceased to exist. The picture is amazing, the story of food tasteless on the screen scene, the call of duty is worthy of the king. A series of development to thirteenth, the earth has been unable to meet the "COD" of the artillery guns, so the flames burn the logical space. The space agency had to say I war is really done, when you see the magnificent the Milky Way fleet slowly, great fire and the earth villain army base to smithereens, then driving the spacecraft in the planets of the solar system, the footprints in Saturn, Jupiter and Venus, it is enough to make any knowledgeable old game player shocked. Can be said that the game on the screen, the details of the perfect, second to none. Saturn’s magnificent beautiful detail modeling base is perfect however the plot of the game is really sorry for such a shocking picture, "do picture, with their feet to do the story" this description is really a little too. Even two words can make clear: the villain in the story on the earth in the earth in the base, a tooth for a tooth removed two transit station in the villain, the villain in the earth and then kill in a ship, then in the earth with color 4 single-handed captured the enemy finally completely destroyed the largest warships, done in one vigorous effort the villain in the. Even in a simple mode can not even 3 hours customs clearance main line. No feature level design.相关的主题文章: