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Cen Zhiyong: the Hong Kong stock price earnings ratio is very attractive to underestimate the value of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide Hong Kong level2 market through Sina News February 18th news agency’s Hong Kong stocks, Hong Kong stocks start in 2016 is not unusual, February 12 reached nearly 4 year low, the price earnings ratio of 7.7 times in February 17th, 2008 and 1984 to refresh the two financial crisis to a record low. Hong Kong stocks continue to net inflows of nearly a hundred days nearly 55 billion 700 million. Based on the Sina Hong Kong Securities analyst Cen Zhiyong said: "at present and in the forecast this year refers to the Hang Seng Index earnings were 9.7 times and 6.3 times, lower than the world’s major markets, valuation is very attractive." Many foreign investors will invest in the mainland Hongkong stock market as a substitute (Proxy), so before deciding whether to invest, will consider Chinese economic prospects, and the trend of the RMB exchange rate. China’s GDP growth in 2015 was 6.9%, falling below 7% for the first time since 1990. China’s economy failed to guarantee seven". However, the quality of China’s GDP has improved. National Bureau of statistics pointed out that the third industry added value accounted for GDP proportion of 50.5%, 2.4 percentage points higher than in 2014, higher than the second industry 10 percentage points. The demand structure is further improved. The contribution rate of final consumer spending to GDP growth was 66.4%, 15.4 percentage points higher than that of 2014. In addition, the disposable income of China’s residents reached 21966 yuan, an increase of 8.9%, after deducting the price factor, the actual growth of 7.4%. It can be seen from the above figures that the third industry in China has gradually become the new growth momentum and the development direction is correct in the composition of China’s GDP. At the same time, the disposable income of Chinese residents has risen, and the development of the third industry and domestic demand is also favorable. Referring to developed areas, such as the United States, Japan and Hongkong, their GDP is dominated by personal consumption. The transformation of economic structure China need, the economic outlook is still repeated, or it will affect foreign investment in the Hong Kong stock market, has become one of the reasons of state-owned shares and state-owned enterprises index is weak. However, the valuation of Hong Kong stocks attracted an indisputable fact that investors should pay more attention to the selection of plates. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

岑智勇:港股市盈率偏低估值甚为吸引 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪港股讯 2月18日消息,港股2016年开局不寻常,2月12日创近4年新低,恒指市盈率2月17日7.7倍,刷新2008年及1984年两次金融危机来历史新低。港股通却连续百日净流入近557亿。汇业证券分析师岑智勇对新浪港股表示:“现时恒指及国指的今年预测市盈率分别为9.7倍及6.3倍,低于全球多个主要市场,估值甚为吸引。”   不少国外投资者都将香港股市当成投资内地的替代品(Proxy),所以在决定是否投资之前,都会考虑中国经济前景,以及人民币汇价的走势。中国2015年GDP增长为6.9%,自1990年以来首次跌破7%。中国经济未能成功“保七”。不过,中国GDP的质素却有改善迹象。   国家统计局指出,第三产业增加值占GDP比重为50.5%,比2014年提高2.4个百分点,高于第二产业10个百分点。需求结构也进一步改善。全年最终消费支出对GDP比增长的贡献率为66.4%,比2014年提高15.4个百分点。再者,中国全国居民的可支配收入达21966元,按年上升8.9%,扣除价格因素实际增长7.4%。从上述数字可看出,中国GDP的构成中,第三产业渐渐成为新的增长动力,发展方向正确。同时间,中国居民的可支配收入上升,也利好第三产业及内需的发展。参考已发展地区,如美国、日本及香港等,它们的GDP都是由个人消费主导。   中国经济结构转型需时,经济前景仍反覆,这或会影响到外资在港股市场的投资,成为国企股及国企指数偏淡的原因之一。不过,港股估值吸引已是不争的事实,投资者应在挑选板块方面多下功夫。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: