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Changzhou: land of plenty land characteristics of afforestation road — Environmental Protection — shallow revetment, flocks of egrets. A wild profusion of vegetation boulevards, forests, wetlands, lakes and other fusion landscape make you feel like being in the forest. Changzhou people walking in the Hongmei park. reporter Jiang Qi photo "nearby people out of the house, through the green, jogging, hiking, cycling is more and more people of Changzhou life." The general manager of Changzhou City Ecological Construction Co., Ltd. Xu Xiaofen told reporters, Xinlong forest is the largest urban green lung park". 4000 acres of silk mountain, retention ponds wetland appearance, to attract the public leisure to enjoy the scenery. The city of Changzhou City Road Green Road health. reporter Jiang Qi photo "create a national forest city for three years, Changzhou city’s 153 thousand acres of reforestation, afforestation area reached an average annual increase of 0.78% City area, city environment improved significantly enhanced green effect." Changzhou municipal Party committee secretary Yan Li introduction. At present, Changzhou City, the forest coverage rate reached 37.2%, urban green coverage rate reached 43.08%, respectively, than in 2013 increased by 2.3 percentage points and 0.2 percentage points, urban per capita green area reached 13.85 square meters, 1 square meters more than in 2013, the public green, visible window goes out into the garden. Lin City blend, forest water dependence. Changzhou has come out a wash, Jiangnan Yumizhixiang, plain afforestation, land features road afforestation. How does the plain create a "forest city"? With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, environmental carrying capacity tightening, industrial restructuring and upgrading urgently. People’s demands for the environment is more intense, more and more attention to the environment, people usually use the phone to pay attention to the daily PM2.5 value." Changzhou vice mayor Zhang Yaogang said. Changzhou city in a forest in the process, focus on the implementation of waterfront ecological corridor construction, improve water quality, beautify the environment. Figure for Ba Zi Qiao Cun Liyang Wu Shen canal river green. The hope of the people. A forest construction by using the green corridor, green wedge, green road, Changzhou City, the city parks, green space, farmland, road, river, mountain forest and other types of plates together, to form a dynamic green network system. The movement type construction resolutely engage in big trees and a night forest ", for a long time to work, continue to promote the long-term norm to carry out afforestation activities." Changzhou Municipal Agricultural Commission Director Chen Zhiliang said. The greening of Liyang Zhu Zhu village. People’s Daily reporter Jiang Qi photo plains afforestation is the most difficult to solve the land. To the implementation of Changzhou lake land, farmland as the key construction of forest ecological barrier. Complete the important water lake health Greenway Construction of 10 thousand acres; the new year, improve farmland network of about 100 thousand acres, has built a number of high standard farmland forest; forest vegetation restoration in Hilly and the implementation of the transformation of low yield forest 40 thousand acres. On the road, Green River as the focus, effectively extending the ecological landscape corridor, "regardless of the national highway, the roads are not Easy Access; pipe intersection, each window is green". National Forest City is the city’s "golden card", in 2015, Changzhou urban air quality excellent number of days 245 days, an increase of more than 31 days before the creation. )相关的主题文章: