Chen Peisi happiness is a right, the power of comedy is getting bigger-dxperience

Chen Peisi: happy is a kind of right, the power of comedy is more and more big – Beijing 2016 Beijing Comedy Festival, the opening of Beijing morning news (reporter Lu Lu) the evening of October 23rd, the 2016 Beijing Comedy Festival held a grand opening ceremony at the Beijing comedy institute. Chen Peisi as the artistic director of the Beijing Academy of comic speech said: "although the ancient comedy, but has been on the brink of mainstream culture less attention, these years in the efforts of all parties, a little back to people’s eyes, become a part of public life, happiness is a right now, more and more power of comedy the first time I performed in the comedy school said to do a hundred years old, I wish the comedy is more and more bright future." Last night, a grand opening ceremony was brought about by the Russian St Petersburg SaiMeng chinsys troupe’s wonderful works "look at this one family". "Look at this family" is a clown without a line of the play, the six clown artist superb acting infected the audience. Russian humor is also accessible to convey to the audience, hilarious battle between bear children and parents, four children and a keen practical joke went to the stage, and the audience "pillow fight"; to love their children but alcoholism’s father, with exquisite small magic tricks for the show but not reliable; love each other’s family of six, laugh with tears portrayed tough and inclusive home. Then, a series of Comedy Festival works include drama produced new cicada "empire", the French train BPZoom troupe brings clown "Mr. B and Mr. P," the famous American actor Tim? Directed by Robbins’s "The Freedom Trail", the Danish comedian Paul Nani? "" all day outside the Faye will turn on.相关的主题文章: