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Root Category Children’s Health and Fitness: The Key to a Brighter Future They say that play is the job of early childhood. When young children play, it is indeed more than recreation. Children spend the first seven years of life in the sensorimotor and preoperational stages of development, where virtually every activity performed, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, helps them to develop the necessary skills to interact with the world that we as adults take for granted. Unfortunately in some ways, today’s children do not lead the same sort of life that their parents did. Instead of staying outside and playing with friends until called inside for dinner or to get ready for bed, children of all ages spend far too much time in front of screens, whether to watch television, play video games or surf the Internet. To make matters worse, many of today’s single-parent and even dual-income households are often headed by parents who have little time or energy to prepare fresh, wholesome meals every day, which means that they often must settle for ready-to-eat foods and processed convenience foods from the supermarket or from restaurants in order to feed their families. When young children learn that convenience foods are equal to whole foods, they grow up without a basic understanding of nutrition. Likewise, excessive "screen time" robs them of time best spent engaged in some kind of physical activity. With more people than ever suffering from highly preventable “lifestyle diseases” and increasing speculation as to whether the children of today will have the same life expectancy as their parent’s generation, it is imperative that parents today make sound decisions regarding their children’s fitness and health. The good news is that more and more health advocates are recognising a need to teach children good habits from an early age that they can take with them throughout their lives and which will serve them well in the face of social or media pressure to engage in unhealthy habits. And since early childhood development policies in the UK require that all schools on the Early Years Register meet the standards outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), busy parents have better options than ever for ensuring that their children’s fitness and social and intellectual development will be looked after while they are at work. One of the best ways for working parents of preschool-age children to prepare their children both physically and mentally for primary school is to register them for a day programme which emphasizes learning through fun and enjoyable activities such as singing, dancing and music. Activities such as hula-hooping, singing nursery rhymes and playing with musical instruments in a play-oriented environment all encourage movement and appeal to a young child’s natural love of physical activity. Perhaps less apparent but equally important is that such activities also contribute to the child’s cognitive development and prepare him to interact successfully with other children and adults in primary school and beyond. The early years are the ideal time for introducing your children to virtually every possibility that lies before them, and the more opportunities that are presented to them, the more fully developed, fit and happy they will be later in life. It is our responsibility as parents to produce healthy, happy and well-rounded children, and making children’s fitness a top priority is key to achieving that end. To ensure the brightest possible future for your children, teach them early on that being healthy and fit is simple, easy and, most of all, fun. Kidz R Fit are a UK business with the goal of helping kids achieve confidence through fitness. They offer both dance and fitness courses for children. These programs are offered in schools, nurseries and even playgroups. These courses are sure to get kids up and active to improve children health. It teaches them not only what fitness can be, but also how fun it can be. Common to al the kids health and fitness programs that Kidz R Fit offer, there is one thing that they all in common. Each program helps to build confidence and respect through fitness in the young ones, teaching children how important good fitness is to maintaining a long, healthy and productive life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: