Chinese Embassy in the Republic of China was hit by a car bomb freelander2

Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan was a car bomb attack – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Yan Yingzhuan) the morning of August 30th, China Embassy in Kyrgyzstan Dutch act occurred in a car bomb attack, the attackers killed on the spot, has caused at least 3 Kyrgyzstan membership staff were injured. Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan hot NIS? Pull zako Schiff said in an interview, the collision China Embassy in Bishkek gate Dutch act bomber was killed in a car bomb explosion, 3 embassy staff were injured. He said, a suicide bomber driving a MITSUBISHI profit card, 3 injured are citizens of Kyrgyzstan." 30 pm local time, Kyrgyzstan’s president Atambayev issued instructions, request the enforcement departments to immediately conduct a thorough investigation of Kyrgyzstan China Embassy in Kyrgyzstan bombing attacks. Atambayev also asked the Kyrgyz government and security departments responsible for the introduction of the capital and the local anti-terrorism emergency measures as soon as possible, including the protection of important foreign consulates in Kyrgyzstan premises and personnel safety. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the attackers were killed on the spot when the explosion, Ji Qiang Department is based on the remains of the body extract DNA, to further determine the identity of the attackers. At the same time, the transfer of Kyrgyzstan power sector is involved in the attack vehicle traffic situation recently in the territory of kyrgyzstan. At a regular press conference yesterday at the Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said the Chinese side strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on the Chinese Embassy in kyrgyzstan. The foreign ministry has launched the emergency response mechanism in the first time, the Chinese government has asked the Kyrgyzstan to immediately take all necessary measures to ensure the safety China in Kyrgyzstan institutions and personnel, and the rapid investigation into the incident, punish the murderer. The sound of terrorism is the common enemy of the international community, is the most serious threat to the countries of the region. China is also the victims of terrorism, counter-terrorism cooperation and bilateral countries in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Datong Kyrgyzstan and other areas, and resolutely combat all forms of terrorism, and earnestly safeguard the Chinese ambassador to relevant national institutions and personnel safety, safeguarding regional security and stability. – Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying相关的主题文章: