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Chinese science fiction is young – Culture – People’s daily 8, science fiction lovers in the "Chinese science fiction season" charm science Carnival activities on the. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Yibo photo in September, sponsored by the Association for the China "2016 Chinese science fiction season kicked off in Beijing. The activities are designed to stimulate the potential of science fiction in China, to promote the development of the science fiction industry, and to provide a platform for mutual exchange of writers, scholars, readers, media and investors. The activities include 2016 China Science Fiction Convention twenty-seventh ", the Milky Way award ceremony, Chinese science fiction history, science fiction, science fiction film screenings, Carnival" science fiction and science fiction? Chinese world "International Forum, the seventh session of the global Chinese science fiction Nebula Awards grand ceremony and other activities, and lasted nearly a month. From, or can see in the prosperity of science fiction Chinese hitherto unknown. The intervention of the capital rapidly changed people to science fiction concerns and recognition of the 8, China Science Fiction Convention, the new generation of science fiction writers who gather together, imagine the future of science fiction. Science fiction is born in science and may end up in science." Writer Liu Cixin stunned. He pointed out that people can not imagine things that have not seen, and in today’s world, the rapid development of science and technology, the author’s imagination has been a little behind the pace of scientific development. "But there’s still a lot of opportunity." Liu Cixin believes that the theory of relativity for industry, science is divided into classical science and modern science, described the classical scientific outlook of the world already known to the public, but the micro fracture, the causal chain of quantum physics brings the view of the world, people do not understand and accept. "The classical scientific world outlook spread, has set off a climax science fiction, but now has not been accepted by the modern scientific view of the world popularity, will produce what kind of impact on science, is worth looking forward to." Science fiction entrepreneurs, Ting Ting believes that Chinese science fiction is a good time, because the capital began to be interested in it. "In the past few years, writers may have been bothered by the fact that science fiction is regarded as a children’s literature, or whether the science fiction literature has been recognized by mainstream literature, which seems to have been turned over for two years." Indeed, the strong involvement of capital, the rapid change of people’s attention and recognition of science fiction. "There was a time when science fiction writers met to ask the first sentence is: do you still have the copyright does not sell it?" The well-known film critic, screenwriter zhangxiaobei half joking words, revealed the popularity of science fiction. Fortunately, the boom in capital does not seem to make the writers become impetuous. Jiang Bo and many other writers have said Baoshu, not created in order to cater to the needs of film and television adaptation. It’s one thing to write a novel, and the other is to adapt. I am sure I will write the work according to my own idea." Jiang Bo said. As the theme of this year’s 30 anniversary of the Chinese Science Fiction Award Galaxy award said: do not forget the early heart. Science fiction literature, in 2015, we have only 28 new works, and the United States there are 396 kinds, however, behind the work of the popular, but also reveals the quality of work resources相关的主题文章: