Chinese tourists cool oil when the tip 6 days out of 50 bottles

China menthocamphorate tip: when visitors to Egypt 6 days to send 50 bottles of China of cool oil has become the "tip for the egyptians". The "Wall Street journal" reported that the red tin box to Egypt tourism tourists will take Chinese coin size, filled with cool oil refreshing, relieve itching and pain, as a tip readily give local service staff. While visiting the temple of Karnak in Egypt, "the currency" was lost in the complex Temple of Chinese tourists. An Egyptian tour guide to give him directions, in order to thank you, Mr. Ye sent him red tin box the size of a coin, filled with cool oil refreshing, relieve itching and pain. Chinese made cool oil has become a "currency" for the Chinese to travel in egypt". In just 6 days of travel, Mr. Ye sent out 50 bottles of cool oil. "Came to Egypt, the travel agency told me to bring cool oil enough, the journey will be smoothly," said mr.. "The Egyptians were very nice to Chinese tourists. They liked the little gift." Although the number is far less than the European tourists, but last year, Chinese tourists to Egypt has grown to 135 thousand people. From Giza, Egypt, Pyramid to the Red Sea, Chinese tourists everywhere to send cool oil, including hotel staff, customs officials, and even with a AK-47 rifle police. Egyptians sometimes thumb the forehead to the Chinese tourists to ask whether there is a cool oil. A Chinese tourist wrote on micro-blog: I really want to know why the Egyptians like cool oil, I prepared 72 boxes." How to set up a bridge to cool oil civilization? Dustman Marion Hull said Gaddafi Beach Bungalows on the coast of the Red Sea, cool oil he received too much, only the most are transferred to relatives and friends. Egyptian tour guide Lewis also said that over the years he has received thousands of boxes of cool oil, instant noodles and occasionally a face value of 5 yuan banknotes. Most Egyptians do not understand why Chinese tourists always give them cool oil, while most foreign tourists will give cash. Travel agency in Beijing, said Miss season, they do not know why to remind Chinese tourists with cool oil to egypt. How to build a bridge between the two ancient civilizations? Egyptian tour guide Walid · Lian Ke believes that the oil can be used to send cool energy since 1980s, when the China economy in the initial stage, diplomats will cool oil as frugal gift with China cultural symbolism to egypt. Li Xiaodong, an anthropologist at the Northeast Normal University, believes that the Chinese tourists began to bring cool oil to Egypt, is convenient for personal use. Later discovered that the Egyptians also like cool oil, before the development of cool oil as a tip. "Egypt is very hot and it is very comfortable to use cool oil in that kind of weather," according to many Chinese tourists. Mr. Ye said. "But sending cool oil is like giving a gift to a friend." At the end of the trip, Mr. Li sent all the cool oil on his body.相关的主题文章: