Chinese tourists Thai landing fee will double the number of Western tourists still free aspack

Thai tourists Chinese landing visa fee will be doubled to Western tourists are still free to reference news network August 27th British media reported that the Thailand tourism resort deadly bomb failed to prevent the country from 19 countries and regions (including Chinese) tourist visa fee increases, the Thailand government announced last week that the new visa fee standard the implementation in the next month, raised the visa fee to Thailand from southeast charge $40 or below the national tourist visa fee (such as Kampuchea and Indonesia) ranks. According to the British "Financial Times" website reported on August 26th, the military led cabinet earlier this year approved the visa fee doubled to 2000 baht (about 380 yuan) of the plan, the move sparked mixed reviews. Some commentators have questioned Thailand’s decision to improve the visa fee, also questioned the announcement time, it is proposed that tourism is a rare growth industry Thailand sluggish growth in the economy, and this will damage to the industry’s efforts to boost confidence. "Bangkok post" recently also condemned Thailand this "outrageous" changes, called each other with a current policy in tourism". Reported that this seems to reflect the official ambivalence of the tourism industry in Thailand, the industry in Thailand during the political turmoil brought income, but is to bring more and more pressure on infrastructure. At the same time, the visa fee increases were particularly noticeable is that it will expand the China between tourists and inbound tourists from the West are still free to gap, although the number of tourists to Thailand have doubled in six years is driven by Chinese the largest source country of Chinese provides over 15 million nearly half past six new arrivals the number of visitors to the new foreign tourists in Thailand from 14 million 150 thousand in 2009 to 29 million 880 thousand last year. China Tourism Association Secretary General Chanapan Klaewklachyawut said: "the extra cost of Chinese tourists is not much, even if they can afford the money, there will be enough money to spend during the tour in Thailand?" Some observers have a hard landing visa prices and the official link, which is designed to attract more high spending visitors, some cheap, vulgar elements also inhibited the success of the tourism industry in Thailand in the story, the Immigration Department of Thailand announced that its official policy is "good come out". Reported that, in recent years, the spread of the photos and video purportedly recorded China uncivilized behavior of tourists, tourism movie "2012 produced more embarrassed way Thailand" embarrassed extremely successful at the box office, the film appeared in Thailand temple and other attractions are now crowded with tourists China. Some tourism operators believe that the visa fee increases may even be a good thing, because it will help to alleviate the congestion caused by the surge of tourists. Source: Reference News Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: