Chongqing Institute of Aeronautics university three times traced to false claims (video)

Chongqing Institute of Aeronautics university three times traced to false claims? [introduction] a school in Chongqing was found to have been false university, has been ordered to shut down, the school principal is controlled, more than 700 students out of school. The students have been admitted to the university but quit school to read the professional flight attendants, tuition fees 20 thousand yuan. March 2015 to September this year, a total of more than 700 students embrace the dream of flying the blue sky, in the payment of tuition fees, to the Chongqing Institute of aeronautics. However, the Chongqing aviation academy is a school without false enrollment qualifications, the relevant departments have been ordered to close the day before school, were responsible for the control of the public security organs, all students out of school to return home. China consumer newspaper reporter launched an investigation. False school was exposed in September 14th, the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission announced that the Chongqing Aviation Institute, Chongqing nurses professional schools and 6 other schools for the false school, does not have the higher education enrollment eligibility, and remind students and parents to guard against all kinds of vocational education enrollment fraud. The Chongqing Municipal Education Commission website screenshot see parents notice arrived at the school to discuss that, and report to the public security organs. Department of the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, the Public Security Bureau, Liangjiang New Area immediately set up a joint working group, stationed in the school. Joint working group organized students, parents and school leaders held a coordination meeting to listen to the demands of students and parents, to discuss the dispute resolution, and ordered the school to refund the tuition fees to students as soon as possible. The school principal Moses Chan promised, will be before the end of September will be refunded to the students tuition. "I recall this for more than a year of experience, just like a nightmare, we are a victim of the Chongqing aviation institute!" In October 23rd, Tian Qi has been out of school for a month (a pseudonym) students told reporters that she in July 2015 second from Youyang County of Chongqing City, graduating from high school, was admitted to the Department of clinical medicine of Changde city of Hunan Province, Career Technical College, and the school for a semester. In March this year, she received a claim Chongqing Aviation College Admissions teacher’s phone, said the school is a national invested aviation school, training high-quality personnel, delivery flight, flight attendants, hotel and tourism professionals for the country, students after graduation assignment, the income is stable, lucrative. When Tian Qi grew up on the dream of airline stewardess from Career Technical College in Changde City, do drop out procedures, take my luggage to the Chongqing Aviation Institute, became a professional flight attendants students pay tuition fees 23590 yuan. Students make Yue (a pseudonym) to pay tuition up to 60 thousand yuan. He read the helicopter flight professional. In July this year, the Yue graduated from the Chongqing second foreign language school, college entrance examination score of the college admission line. Summer travel in the field, he received a call from the Chongqing Airlines college admissions teacher. The teacher asked: "I did not report to the school, how can I enter this school?" The teacher said: "the school feel that you have become a pilot potential, so put your special school." Students from Shanxi, Datong Shen Lin (a pseudonym), it was in April 2015 to prepare for college entrance examination in the third year, was fooled came to Chongqing. He saw a recruitment information Chongqing Institute of Aeronautics in the class at that time, let him heartache, give up the college entrance examination, on the back of the pack, a dish相关的主题文章: