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Cold dew to! How to have a cold autumn – Health Channel – original title: contributing to! How to have a cold autumn dew (year of October 8th) is in the fall of fifth solar term, said the official beginning of the autumn season, the temperature gradually decreased after cold dew, colds and other respiratory diseases are also many people. The traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to conform to the solar term take the corresponding way of health, but this time the dew after the health focus is to prevent the invasion of pathogenic cold, improve the body’s resistance to the cold. Cold dew foot dew dew foot dew dew "warns people after the special attention to the feet warm, not bare feet, to prevent" cold from the foot". Chinese history and literature research of traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute Zhuang Qianzhu said, because the feet farthest away from the heart, less blood supply, fat layer plus feet is very thin, therefore, insulation performance is poor, vulnerable to cold stimulation. The study found that there is a close relationship between the foot and the nerve of upper respiratory tract mucosa, once the foot cold, will cause the upper respiratory tract mucosa capillary contraction, cilia movement weakened body resistance drops, therefore, footwarmth is particularly important. After the cold dew in addition to wear warm performance footwear, but also develop the habit of washing feet with hot water before going to bed, hot feet in addition to disease prevention of respiratory tract infection, can also cause vasodilation and accelerate blood flow, improve foot skin and tissue nutrition, can reduce the occurrence of lower extremity pain, relieve or eliminate the fatigue of the day. The practice of "a work" provided a lot of friends Yang winter cold, easy cold hands and feet, President of the Chinese Association of health yoga fans Luo said, "if my work started a" cold dew in, can make these conditions will improve. "The work is very simple, can every day at noon with both hands thumb button in the pop-up refers to the force, repeated one hundred times. Of course, can not be limited to one hundred times the number, the more the better, free to play. Middle finger is the starting point and the pericardium meridian, pericardium is to protect the wall, the heart of cold dew after the body’s blood to streamer pericardium, so often play in, can promote blood circulation, improve the body’s ability to keep out the cold, cold hands and feet, is not easily the chills. The appropriate tonic less dew can also be appropriate Sibu, recommended here a dish, namely yam stewed mutton carrots, this soup has complement kidney health and enhance the role of vitality. Afraid to eat mutton from friends, with a drink Chrysanthemum Tea, chrysanthemum is clearing away heat, lungs and kidney can. If you do not love to eat mutton, Dazhui to drink five bean porridge, millet is used with red, yellow, black, green beans, five kinds of beans, porridge to drink, it can moisten the intestines and stomach, to reconcile the five internal organs, enhance the body’s immunity. In order to enhance the tonic effect, leisure can also knock at (outside the knees at four points), to enhance the function of spleen and stomach. (right: Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: