Comments received stock index in foundation column is still will stabilize at

Comments received: stock index in foundation column is still will stabilize at 3100 Tuesday to undertake A stock market rebound trend, trading A shares appear slightly higher pattern. Among them, the Shanghai composite index opened 3091.33 points, up slightly gapped 0.62 points. After the opening, in the strong rebound of water conservancy construction plate and other varieties, continued to shake up, the Shanghai Composite Index reached the highest point to 3105.68. However, due to the decline of liquor stocks and other varieties, the market was blocked high, after the afternoon is a few waves diving, the lowest probe to 3087.88 points. Late trading slightly stabilized, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3091.93 points, up 1.22 points or 0.04%, turnover has been enlarged, the Shanghai stock market can amount to 207 billion 160 million yuan. Kim hundred temporary consulting think, so it shows the short-term trend of A stock market there is indeed a certain pressure, the pressure comes mainly from the boom of different industries, such as the liquor industry, after all, after 70, after the 60 is a force for liquor consumption. However, after 80 and 90 percent of the recognition of the liquor industry may be reduced, and so on, the liquor industry development prospects should not be too optimistic. Is also the case for intelligent mobile phone industry chain, intelligent mobile phone industry because the ceiling has emerged. Under this background, these stocks are very difficult to have outstanding performance. Not only that, but also the pressure of the short term A shares. However, on the one hand, taking into account liquidity, on the other hand, taking into account the heavyweights and other heavyweights of the stock price trend factors, A shares should not be too pessimistic. Excluding short-term A shares are still looking forward to the possibility of looking back at 3100 points. Therefore, in the operation, it is recommended that investors still hold shares, while actively tracking some of the industry optimistic outlook varieties. (Qin Hong)

收评:指标股中流柢柱 仍将回稳3100点 承接周二A股市场回升的态势,早盘A股出现了小幅高开的格局。其中,上证指数以3091.33点开盘,向上微幅跳空高开0.62点。开盘后,在水利建设板块等品种的强劲回升牵引下,持续震荡走高,上证指数最高摸至3105.68点。不过,由于白酒股等品种的回落,大盘冲高受阻,午市后更是数波跳水,最低探至3087.88点。尾盘略有企稳,上证指数以3091.93点收盘,上涨1.22点或0.04%,成交量有所放大,沪市量能为2071.6亿元。金百临咨询认为,如此的走势就说明了短线A股市场的确存在着一定的压力,压力主要来源于产业景气分歧的行业,比如说白酒行业,毕竟70后、60后是白酒消费生力军。但是,80后、90后对白酒行业的认同度可能会降低,既如此,白酒行业的发展前景并不宜过于乐观。对于智能手机产业链亦如此,因为智能手机的产业天花板也有所显现,在此背景下,此类个股是很难有突出表现。既如此,短线A股的压力也是存在的。但是,一方面考虑到流动性,另一方面则考虑到权重股等中流砥柱的股价走势因素,A股也不宜过于悲观。不排除短线A股仍有望回望3100点的可能性。故在操作中,建议投资者仍可持股,同时,积极跟踪一些产业前景乐观的品种。(秦洪)相关的主题文章: