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Aviation The air carrier .panies sell the seats of the airplanes by offering the air tickets against every booked seat to the customers. When, instead of the seats, the whole aircraft is leased to the .panies for the purpose of carrying the passengers, it is called the aircraft charter. Normally, it is the unscheduled operations which the chartered flights provide. The whole of the aircraft may be booked for flying to some specific destination with a .mon purpose in a single flight. Basically, these charter aircraft are smaller ones, capable of carrying tens of people in a single flight instead of hundreds which the scheduled operators carry. The flight booking for these aircraft is done for all the seats and for some .mon purpose which that particular group of people expects to meet. Let us briefly note some of the important reasons why the charter flights are used: 1.For being used by a group of people for travelling on unscheduled flights. A group can travel on the usual carriers as well but it is the unscheduled flights, or for some different set of routes which could take a considerable longer duration to fly on scheduled carriers that these charter planes are used. 2.For meeting some special cargo requirements: There can be times when some particular type of cargo has to be moved quickly. These cargo movements might be required when the nature of cargo is time sensitive or warrants an altogether special transportation, not to be mixed with the other cargo or with the passengers. 3.For meeting the vacation needs: For the rich and the well-to-do people, travelling on a charter plane for vacationing might be a routine affair. They can take their friends and families together for vacationing in .plete privacy on these planes. This gives them exclusivity along with the privacy. 4.Another major use of the charter planes is for any ad hoc use. This use can be for spraying operations in the agricultural fields, using these as air ambulances for carrying and treating the patients and for a number of other uses. For flying the charter planes, the governments around the world have special regulations which facilitate their operations. There is also a direct correlation between the extent of development and the prosperity level among the population of the country and the number of charter planes flown in these countries. Charter flights need not necessarily be domestic in nature. Even the international charters are quite .mon to be used for varied purposes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: