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With the domain address a more concise (I register a free domain provider), the blog address firstly read now sounds In addition to more easily remembered, of course, the web address of this sound more professional and easy to make note To make the address easy to remember the domain that professional and sound like this, there are three (3) things that you must prepare beforehand: 1. A domain name (of course) 2.Blog that youve registered before 3.DNS server (provided for free by every DNS) 1. Domain name The domain name is your identity in the virtual world, such as room in the house. Imagine you live in an apartment, you will type the name to the front door of the house / your apartment. If not, this certainly will be very difficult for anyone to visit to your home. So, the first step that you need to do is get a domain name (your identity). If you type the word "free domain names" on Google search site, then you will be caught the search results display provider address that provide free domain name, such as. Tk, Biz. ly,, But before you register a domain name that is provided, you should be aware that they only provide the service re-direction. Using the analogy apartment before, the service url re-direction as your friends will visit your home through your neighbor’s house. As your neighbors of already known by people who are on the home (read: neighbors). They show your guests to your actual house. But as the popular, you will be visited by people from the many ways. Visiting your neighbor’s house will not make you be more famous neighbors. Another word, if you use the url re-direction service, your site will not be recognized by search engines (like, google). So, before you register a domain for free make sure they provide DNS service. There are only 2 domains, which provide service providers DNS service is, namely: and From both providers, I prefer choose, in addition to simple and easy to remember, this will seem more professional domain, such as paying. Your domain name will sound To register a domain name is not too difficult to create and brow wrinkled. You will only be prompted for the list of fields provided, and provide your email address (for further confirmation). 2. Blog This is the most important aspects of the three things above. Blog for your virtual home, while the domain name as the name board. Blog or site can be located in the free hosting (such as renting an apartment) or paid hosting (such as buying a house / apartment). In this tutorial we will use the blog as the home where the board will need a unique name at the door, in case I use for my blog. So all the blogs hosted here will named .windeeyohara.blogspot… In other words, the address of your blog is a sub-domain of blogspot.. site. Settings on blogspot are not too .plicated. Once you have a blog to register, and you login, you will be entered into the blog dashboard. In this dashboard, click ‘Settings’. and a new page will show …. Posted on the new link, click on ‘Publishing’, then ‘Custom domain’. Because we use domain for free, pay attention for the others things. You can click on the link, Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings. After the new page opens, you will see a field titled ‘Your Domain’. Enter a domain name that you register in the previous Do not forget to type the www in the address domain. Then click ‘Save settings’ Well, now you can be already placed the board in the name of your front door home. Server 3. DNS Next … Once you have a blog (the house) and personal domain name (name of board), you now need a DNS server. The analogy, if you placed the nameplate on the door ate four floors, how to keep people who are live in four floors knows your address. It’s easy; you certainly have to put a list of board home name owners on the ground floor. This will be done by the DNS server. For that you can visit the each DNS site. Once you register, login to your account. Next in the left column you’ll see a section titled ‘Add new domain’. Enter a domain name that already registered in earlier into the fields that are available, and click the ‘basic’. After that will appear a new column with the title ‘Primary Domains’, click on your domain. After new page open, you will found a new section named current records. See to section add recode, and fill the box with this: Fully qualified domain name: www Record type: CNAME Record value: (this is for blog at blogger). After all done, klik add record With this, you just have one step again to setup your private domain, the next step is, login back to your account at, klik my domain and next klik edit at please setup button. You will have two choice, mange DNS and URL forwarding records, choose manage DNS, next click link [add more server name] twice and fill the next box that shows 相关的主题文章: