Business If a company wishes to sell products in India , it is pivotal for it to give its products a successful product presentation and product launch in India first. This is utmost necessary as it only can provide the goods with the requisite amount of publicity and interest among distributors, prospective partners as well as customers. However in the long term, the product selling can be only achieved by carrying out a comprehensively planned product launch in India. It is also vital for a venture to utilise experienced personnel to identify the prospective audience in the market, which might be the focus of its product launch in India. The various goods can also be showcased by the company at myriad industrial trade exhibitions and fairs in order to introduce the products to the market before the product launch in India. Moreover, the company can also hire sales consultants in order to provide product presentations to the clients, in order to acquaint them with the various unique benefits and properties of the same. The sales team hired by the organisations can additionally also employ promotional kits and advertising methods to enhance product presentations and aid in product launch in India. Eurobrands recently launched its product presentation services in the Indian market , which are aimed at ensuring that the new product launch in India by their clients eventually turn out to be the perfect start for a lengthy and triumphant run in the market scenario. Andreas De Rosi, the Managing Director of Eurobrands discusses how the company is helping clients in their endeavors to manage a successful product launch in India . Varun Kapoor: Why do you think a successful product launch in India by a company is important to establish a company on a long-term basis in the market? Andreas De Rosi: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Entering a new market with a big bang can be beneficial because a company can get significant press coverage and attention from potential distribution partners and clients. But the product launch should be well planned and part of an overall strategy. There is a Japanese pro-verb which says: Action without a strategy is a nightmare, strategy without action is a daydream. So its all about developing the right market entry strategy and then to identify the right time and place to launch a product in the Indian market . Varun Kapoor: What are the various product presentation services provided by Eurobrands? Andreas De Rosi: We prefer to present our clients products directly at the prospects office. In the past years, this has turned out to be the most efficient way because you get the full attention and no other products are being presented at the same, like for example it happens at trade fairs. When it comes to the product launch we can host events at nice venues with food, music, drinks combined with informative Power Point or video presentations. These events normally deliver very good results, especially because of the vast press coverages they normally get. If the clients budget permits, involving a Bollywood star as a brand ambassador can work wonders. If a consumer goods company wants to launch a product on a large scale all over India this is almost a must have. Varun Kapoor: How do you identify the prospective target clients who might be interested in the product launch in India by your clients? Andreas De Rosi: This depends on the product and the strategy of our clients. It could be a B2B event where the European manufacturer presents his products to Indian importers and distributors. Also it could be a B2C event where the European manufacturer supports the Indian distributor with sales & marketing activities. Varun Kapoor: How are the product presentation services offered by Eurobrands different from those offered by other similar companies? Andreas De Rosi: Since we promote European products we like to give our events a European touch. This can be achieved by serving some German beer or Italian pasta during the event. We try to involve several trade support institutions like Chambers of Commerce and Embassies to give the event more wight. Everything else will be similar to other companies which offer product launch services : we try to get relevant press coverage, invite the right people who can be potential buyers or partners and we try to communicate and present the unique values of the new product and brand being introduced in the Indian market. And of course we do follow up the a href="..eurobrandsindia../en/services/consultancy">product launch events in India , in order to guarantee a maximum long term result of such kind of sales & marketing activities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: