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Daily ceramic design innovation training project bright students achievement exhibition site Xiangguo in ceramic art gallery of National Art Fund 2015 annual art talent. National Ceramic Art Museum for the exhibition site exhibits: tea "green Ling". In ceramic art gallery for map exhibits: coffee "Ella". In ceramic art gallery for map Beijing project in November 4, training students achievement exhibition of National Art Fund 2015 annual art talent 3 bright ceramic art museum in the country, 50 students with a hundred sets of original works in the exhibition, caused widespread concern in the industry. In ceramic art museum is located in the main road downtown center in Beijing is currently the only one professional ceramic art exhibition, with its rich cultural heritage, adhering to create the first-class ceramic art platform of faith, since the opening has held a number of large-scale exhibition. National Ceramic Art Museum recently launched again, held in November 3rd to 12 days of daily ceramic design innovative young talent training student achievement exhibition. 50 students with unprecedented 100 sets of works to promote the innovative design of Chinese daily-use ceramic products and daily-use ceramics industry development, according to the relevant provisions of the articles of association of the national endowment for the arts and the project development plan, taking Jingdezhen as the main university ceramic "organized by the national endowment for the arts 2015 annual art talent training project" ceramic design innovation of young talents "culture", since the March 2016 implementation, has been the community’s support and praise. Software and hardware platform for teaching and Research Center, Jingdezhen University and the national daily ceramics and building ceramics engineering research of the training project China Ceramic Research Institute of light industry, China ceramic art design engineering center has to rely on, the selection of outstanding young ceramic design practitioners to carry out professional training in the country. This exhibition featured research classes of 50 students of the 100 sets of original ceramic products, all the exhibits are for the national endowment for the arts daily ceramic design innovation of youth training project of the original design results, covering the works of engraving, molding, painting, texture, decoration, material and other comprehensive integrated in the language. At the same time to meet the product function design, is the effective combination of visual aesthetic and functional effect of the. The ultimate experience of life of love and beauty as Jingdezhen ceramics ceramics University Academy of Fine Arts President Lv Jinquan said, the design results of this exhibition is that 50 students. From these works, we can clearly feel the students’ understanding of the daily utensils and the innovative design. The development of science and technology change rapidly, change in the life of the only constant is numerous, the human pursuit for a better life. Life is the designer through the design to give the public the enjoyment of the United States and the most real love. Original title: National Art Fund 2015 annual art talent training project student achievement exhibition相关的主题文章: