Dali Man recover medical expenses is not a knife stabbed the employer jailed for three years (video) wharfedale

Dali Man recover medical expenses is not a knife stabbed the employer jailed for three years due to injury caused during employment, that employers failed to treat their body to heal, a man in Dali beg for medical expenses not after huff knife barrel injury employer. In November 2, 2016, Dali County People’s Court Criminal Tribunal concluded the fee for wounding cases, the defendant Hong Mou found guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to three years imprisonment. Defendant Hong Mou, was born in 60s, primary school culture, unemployed. Because of the cultural level and family environment, these years have been a flood rely on temporary workers, do small maintain basic family life. On 2015, the defendant in a flood period to give the village of fan Moumou home to make the grave accident, fan Moumou family as a flood treatment, but the defendant Hong insisted that their disease does not heal, many times to the victims of medical expenses for fan moumou. In March 31, 2016 19, when the defendant Hong Fan Moumou home once again to ask for medical time-consuming, two people quarrel, under the defendant hung a chopper to a fan Moumou body chopped knife, fan Moumou by the head, arms and other parts of multiple injuries. After the incident, the victim Moumou fan hospitalized 18 days, spent nearly 70 thousand yuan for medical expenses. By the forensic center of Dali County of Shaanxi Province Public Security Bureau identified the victim fan Moumou injury was minor level. In August of the same year, Dali County procuratorate to the crime of intentional injury will flood a prosecution to Dali County People’s court, the victim of a Hong Fan Moumou also filed an incidental civil action. The court held that the defendant deliberately hurt someone else’s body, causing minor injuries, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury, should be punished according to law. Dali County People’s Procuratorate accused the defendant of a crime and the establishment of hong. The defendant hung a weapon carried out the attack, after the incident and did not actively compensate the victims losses, should be punished severely discretion. In addition, because the defendant hung a crime violating incidental civil plaintiff fan Moumou health right, the defendant Hong Mou should bear corresponding civil liability. However, in the case of the trial, after the trial of a number of contractors strict organization mediation, the two sides ultimately failed to reach consensus. After identification, the victim Moumou fan: loss of 66500.7 yuan for medical expenses, nursing expenses for 1800 yuan, hospital food subsidies for 540 yuan, transportation costs 1032.6 yuan, more than a total of 69873.3 yuan. In summary, the court in accordance with the defendant’s criminal facts, circumstances, the degree of social harm and incidental civil plaintiff suffered losses, and ultimately made the decision. Note: video only for extended reading. Supervisor shoot Man Street knife attack a knife with a knife to the woman died on the spot相关的主题文章: