Dance education in primary and secondary schools nationwide (Gansu) public auditorium into the north

Dance education in primary and secondary schools nationwide (Gansu) public auditorium into the northwest culture Beijing in October 10, by the Chinese Dancers Association School Dance Education Committee of Gansu Province, primary and middle school art education and research center of Northwest Normal University, sponsored by the campus dance spring dance national primary and secondary education (Gansu) held a charity before the lecture at the Northwest Normal University. Art education is an integral part of the quality education, plays a crucial role in the all-round development of students. China’s primary and secondary school campus dance education is still in its infancy, in the less developed provinces, such as the northwest, primary and secondary schools in the arts education capacity and resources are very limited. This public lecture by the art education and research center of primary and middle schools in Gansu Province, the strong support of Northwest Normal University. Gansu Provincial Department of education has set up a primary and secondary school art education and Research Center in Gansu Province on the basis of Northwest Normal University. The center gives full play to the advantages of Northwest Normal University in dance, music, art and media resources, and so on. Northwest Normal University has made great efforts to promote the development of art education in Gansu province. The school integrates the excellent art education resources both inside and outside the school, and carries out the research of art education in primary and secondary schools. The Gansu public forum is Chinese Northwest Normal University, the school dance Dancers Association Education Committee once again following the Chengdu after thousands of people into the University classroom. The president of the Northwest Normal University, Gansu Province primary and secondary art education and research center director Professor Liu Zhongkui said in his speech, Northwest Normal University professional dance is the five northwestern provinces (regions) was the first master’s degree authorization units, School of dance to the heritage of Chinese civilization and the development of the art industry as its mission, completed a number of great social influence and the popularity of scientific research achievements. This public lecture is the spread of the dance culture and popularity of dance education is to promote and advance, to work in the Western dance education and practice is a very encouraging peer. Deputy Secretary of Gansu Province University Committee Party members of the Provincial Department of education Jia Ning then presided over the forum. He said that the art of dance education is an indispensable part of quality education. Dance plays an irreplaceable role in improving the aesthetic cultivation, enriching the spiritual world and cultivating the innovative consciousness. First of all, teachers and students are taught by Zhu Dongli, who is the children’s eyes to see the world with children’s eyes". Mr. Zhu Dongli arrived in Zhongshan in 1995, worked in Zhongshan Teachers College, Zhongshan University of Electronic Science and Technology Institute in choreography and director of art teaching. In sixteen years in Zhongshan, close to life, close to reality, the purposes of the masses, created a total of more than and 20 dance works, 14 of which won the provincial and national awards for 30 times, directed by more than and 50 provincial and municipal Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions of large-scale literary party. The sixth CCTV TV Dance Competition Gold Medal director, director of outstanding works. Selected for the Zhongshan propaganda and cultural system of talents "ten Baiqian project" the first echelon of the top ten in Guangdong Province, as one of the first batch of three dance choreographer, in 2011 38 of Guangdong province; Zhongshan city’s Federation "outstanding communist party)相关的主题文章: