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Dawkins: Russia win gold clothes? The United States as China’s largest crude oil supplier to support oil prices! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! According to the latest trade data released by China Customs, China’s imports in August, Russia’s supply rose 50[%], once again become China’s largest supplier of crude oil. In Saudi Asian market battle, Russia seems to have been ahead. According to the latest trade data released by China Customs, China imported 4 million 640 thousand tons of crude oil from Russia in August, an increase of 50[%] from Saudi Arabia imported 4 million 360 thousand tons, an increase of 12[%]. Russia to replace Angola, China’s largest oil supplier. The data also show that the total amount of import in China in Oman, the supply of 3 million 560 thousand tons, an increase of 37.9[%]; Angola supply 3 million 270 thousand tons; Iran supply 3 million 170 thousand tons, an increase of 48.4[%] at third and fourth, respectively; fifth. Russia began to encroach on the Saudi share continues in the Asian market, this shows that the Russian President Putin’s efforts to have blossomed. In order to reduce dependence on traditional markets such as Europe, Putin efforts to win over China and other Asian countries. As early as last month, foreign media, according to China’s import and export data released by the General Administration of Customs calculations, as of July 31st, the average daily supply of 10 million 500 thousand tons of crude oil in Saudi Arabia in China in 2016, the market share of 14[%]. In contrast, Russia’s market share in China was 13.6[%]. In 2015, Saudi Arabia’s market share of China was 15.1[%], while Russia was 12.6[%]. The data show that this year, Russia’s market share continued to rise in China, including in August, has been more than fourth months Saudi arabia. 3-5 months of this year, Russia’s crude oil supply to China has more than Saudi arabia. Petromatrix general manager Jacob (Olivier Jakob) said earlier: "now the crude oil market share war is between the oil producing countries in the Middle East and Russia, these competitors are aggressively compete for market share in Chinese. Russia supplies to Chinese more than Saudi Arabia, partly because the crude oil exports to China local refineries, and non state-owned oil company." Since July last year, China has issued a license to import crude oil to more than a dozen independent refineries, which has become a major driving force behind the surge in China’s crude oil imports. Jacob also pointed out that Saudi Arabia in the past is through long-term contracts will sell most of its crude oil to refineries, but now the country will also try to sell more oil to local refineries, to get more buyers in asia. The BMI survey pointed out that in August China crude oil imports were increased, partly because in August to reduce the China domestic crude oil output, refinery seeking more supplies by overseas markets; on the other hand, the August Shandong refinery operating rate further increased to 46.9[%]. BMI also theory相关的主题文章: