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" defective marriage " cover sin: Gansu man kill to sell the body with marriage – Sohu culture channel Ann Yu Lan (a pseudonym) during his lifetime and a buff in the small courtyard life for 11 years. Chen Leizhu bought the corpse eurygamous 2016 Tomb-sweeping Day, Shenmu county Liu village to a Gansu license plate car business, 3 people down on the car, Liu Feng and two sons took them to the village after a wilderness. The car shipped to the body of a woman. When trading, woman be thrown on the ground, on a good price is 40200 yuan. I watched the female appearance, Liu Fengxiang still do not feel at ease, he had two sons called two villagers, 5 people will be the body of a woman in front of the clothes stripped, carefully checked again, Liu Fengxiang still remember, one of them had confirmed and shouted "meat! Be a real person!" The woman is Liu Fengxiang for dead brother bought "ghost wife", his brother died in a car accident, dial out to buy money is lost from the perpetrators. "Life". Liu village is in a remote village, Shenmu county is located 60 kilometers north of the valley. Although the reform of funeral slogan slogan for many years, but here, the traditional funeral custom is still ingrained. Outside the village cemetery, the family tomb in degress neatly arranged, these tombs are burial tomb. The village people believe that after death, the couple should be "sleeping" to be successful. Bachelor after death, often without qualification buried in their graves, graves graves in periphery, known as the grave. To make up for this regret, usually home to buy a female corpse for dead bachelor with marriage ", in order to be buried into the graves. Surging news recently visited the village, villagers said, if men die without a wife, as long as 13 years of age, with the marriage will be a must to do. Liu Fengxiang’s brother died in a car accident in September 2014 when he was 67 years old, because of poverty has not been married. After his brother died, Liu Fengxiang get 300 thousand yuan car accident compensation. According to custom, he will brother coffin bricks sealed in a clearing, then began her brother to buy eurygamous. Liu Fengxiang said, in Northern Shaanxi, unmarried young woman died, only just dig a hole hastily buried, not buried in the home. Many people have deceased daughter cemetery, will sell the body with marriage". Over the past hundred years, this supply and demand in Northern Shaanxi spawned an invisible body market. But the sale of the body itself is illegal behavior. August 1, 2006 from the implementation of the provisions of the provisions of the regulations on the management of the body and the body of the eighth provisions: the sale of bodies is prohibited, prohibited the use of bodies for commercial activities". Article ninth: "in addition to medical institutions, medical institutions, medical research institutions and research institutions for forensic identification, clinical medical teaching and research needs, any unit or individual shall not accept body donation; the body after use, accepted by the bodies of the units responsible for final processing of funeral meaning to the body." "But my brother is too big, others are too wronged girl,.相关的主题文章: