Dong Li left a dilemma for the audience to choose from the

Dong Li Arale left the audience a dilemma because Dong and Arale, "Daddy where the 4" was pushed to the opinion in the teeth of the storm. Dong Li is the National Fencing Team of male athletes, Arale is a three year old girl, they are in the Daddy where to go in the composition of the practice of father and daughter, with several other groups of guests to participate in the shooting of the 4. Because in the clip out of the content, there are some intimate actions and words, many experts related to early childhood education as well as part of the audience, the program group criticized. There are many like this practice father and daughter, said the audience, to use a normal state of mind to look at, do not think too much, the simple things complicated. Social media on the controversy over the East Arale two extremes, which most of the audience did not participate in the controversy in a dilemma. Think Dong force Arale of this "practice and" emotional normal, face their aesthetic "abnormal" in question, "are you willing to his three year old daughter to participate in this program" in the face of such problems, to hesitate a; if you feel those actions and words of intimacy is not suitable for the emergence and spreading you will feel a little, not enough good Big deal, mind to look at things. Why is this part of the audience will face such a dilemma, the cause of the problem is not Arale Dong itself, but in the whole social media entertainment consciousness, have entered a chaotic, fanatical, dull state. Look at those with Dong Arale opinion related keywords: force CP, child dog, dog food, sugar, sweet pet, Lolita…… These are the social media popular words composed of those emotional slobber, emotional words slobber pink tide, suddenly rushed to a web micro-blog message, suddenly rushed to a man-made Festival topic group, everywhere, like locusts too wild, all relationships can be a bug with these the network language, until the rising consumer enthusiasm fever, will be transferred to another person or event. The so-called "single culture", maintained a strong attitude toward an incomprehensible direction. If the program group in the production and editing process, also deliberately to cater to this network trend, that is the problem of the program group, not for ratings and subject to emotional expression and a low-end "conspiracy". But if the program group as its statement said, on a beautiful, pure emotion, so why people cannot find, feel, and bless this emotion, but to look with suspicion? This happens, in addition to experts from a professional point of view, to give you advice, I’m afraid more people out of concerns, worried about the program will bring some bad influence to the child, so the criticism mentioned in the "possibility", choose the prefer to believe them attitude. On the face of it, people have a disagreement with Arale, and deep reflection, we are on the word "good" has a different. In the past too many public events, because of the reversal of time and again, the back of the "good" thing, usually hidden in the dark side of the light can not see. Under repeated experience training, we".相关的主题文章: