Dong Mingzhu 70 thousand employees to raise thousands of Yuan secretaries before the stock holdings

Dong Mingzhu is the 70 thousand employees thousand secretaries three days before the stock holdings in November 24th news, GREE group announced that evening, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the directors and supervisors of listed companies holding high change data show that GREE secretaries Wang Jing Dong in November 21, 2016 holdings of 24800 shares, average price of 23.01 yuan Holdings in November 22nd holdings of shares; 5900 shares, average price of 23.27 yuan holdings of shares; in November 23rd holdings of 125100 shares, average price of 24.77 yuan holdings of shares. GREE shares today’s closing price of 26.38 yuan shares, Wang Jing Dong Holdings has produced a considerable part of fuying. At the same time on the evening of 24, a sign for Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd on the company’s full staff monthly salary of $1000 notice began circulating on the internet. The first financial reporter confirmed that the documents are true, since December 2016, based on the existing monthly salary, all employees of GREE electric appliances will be an entry for three months (except on special payroll, pay 1000 yuan per person per month). On the reasons for the increase in the document, said GREE’s development can not be separated from the hard work of employees, in order to share the results of innovation and workers to provide employee happiness before making this decision. Original title: GREE employees pay 1000 yuan a day before the Secretary of the board of directors of a significant increase in the company’s stock holdings,, editor: Zhang Hailei相关的主题文章: