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"Donkey" water actress Ren Suxi: the role do self castration – "water" donkey Sohu entertainment actress Ren Suxi: the role do not self castration       Sohu entertainment news (SAM month the modeled video) "happy twist comedy donkey water" is facing the evaluation of two pole and in the past five years, this drama has accumulated a lot of loyal audience, however, from the stage to the movie screen, with wider audience, different comments sound more. However, no matter in drama or movie, female one man Zhang especially by the audience. A man is a personal independence of conduct women, love hate undisguised, she is not a person to discuss all love the cute characters, focus on men’s attitude also makes her become controversial. She is not vain, loyal to their own physical and mental, neither wronged their own desires, but also do not take their own interests in exchange for happiness, for such a female role, the audience’s acceptance of drama is much greater than the audience. As a man of actress Ren Suxi on different voices from the audience is very calm, she thought a man is a free man, and not so many so-called moral constraints. In the past five years, she played 200 times of Zhang Yiman, from drama to the screen, she did not want the role of castration. For Zhang Yiman, Ren Suxi also knew she must not accepted by many people, but she love a man, she refused to be accepted as a person she would pose as a person of high morals, Zhang Yiman the bottom line is not high, but few people keep the bottom line. "Donkey" water director Zhou Shen is her university teacher Ren Suxi appreciation of his teaching theory, to participating to their teacher of drama. They create "donkey water" is more of a director to provide the outline of the actors in the performance of their own grinding lines. This makes the play full of colloquial language. But this creative process lets Suxi and Zhang Yiman together, she is also himself, Zhang Yiman, Zhang Yiman has her own history, but her flesh is from actor Ren Suxi. Any Suxi stage under the simple free, she played ten years of drama, like the same work go to the theatre rehearsals, followed by work friends Chuiladanchang or gather together, even shopping malls are almost not to go. Unlike many of the artists with mysterious private time, she has a pure life as an actress. At the beginning of the movie, a lot of people do not understand her message will go to attack her appearance on her page, she smiled. "You are out, because the evaluation is often far up into a female." she has broadcast its own MV to far, praise him "the speech was good". For the happy twist, she is very clear what these four words mean that for many people, as Suxi at this time reveal the true nature of Zhang Yiman type: "I have not love happy twist before, how much fun ah, ah, they are engaged in comedy master." Drama is madness, the movie is real Sohu Entertainment: introduce the role? Ren Suxi: a man is an elementary school teacher, she was more brilliant, more the pursuit of freedom, the pursuit of the waves相关的主题文章: