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Don’t leave the day, dancing youth passion dance competition held in lake new hi – activities – Shenzhen Locke network?? in October 29th, by the Shenzhen Centaline, hi Fu, APP and the new day, Lake jointly organized the "Youth" group dance competition opened the curtain in the final days of Pingshan Luan lake. ?? After a 10 strong team of nearly two hours of intense competition, flower dance team with beautiful dance won the high popularity, won the best Popularity Award, becoming the champion; the blue moon dance team, dance team ranked second and third margin. ?? Third: edge dance team?? runner up: the blue moon dance team?? Champion: flower dance team?? two teams won the best Popularity Award and best vigor?? it is understood that the "Youth" dance competition aims to encourage people to exercise, to promote physical and mental health of the elderly; since September 1st this year start, won widespread attention, the audition stage with a total of 18 teams registered; more than a month after the birth of the top ten in the final competition. ?? The contestants style?? contestants style?? team strength, guest judges lineup of the same can not be underestimated. In addition to Tai Fu group day Luan Lake project planning manager Li Huiyan, sales manager Yuan Chang, Centaline days Luan Lake Project Sales Manager Li Chia Jung, the judges also include Shenzhen city elderly Sports Association Secretary General Liu Chunhui, Shenzhen Dance Association teacher Wang Xiong. ?? In the final, the contestants show their style, whether it is the spirit or the rhythm dance, with the dance of youth "theme is very fit. Some participants said in an interview that they are very serious about the game, for which most of the month to practice, every day is uninterrupted. But their efforts are the judges in the eyes, the blue moon team Sailor Dance due to its complex and difficult won praise, even the judges give full marks. The contestants’ charisma?? as the co organizer of the game, hi room APP to "home" as the core value, which means that in the future will be more conducive to home health, social harmony activities. ?? Fu, Tai Lake, day the healthy and green concept to living experience. Day, lake is located in Pingshan, backed by the Maluan mountain Forest Park, adjacent to about 75 thousand flat litchi Park, while sitting on about 780 thousand Po Mountain Reservoir, nearly 4 times in Xiangmi Lake, more around honghualing reservoir, mine reservoir, mountain lake.相关的主题文章: