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Don’t pay for the farmers, not destined to the weakness of Jinshao order for farmers to pay, to the weakness of Jinshao order by Wu Ruibing   source: Red Net   the problem is regarded as the source of trouble of burning haze of straw was again put on the table. According to the Ministry of environmental protection monitoring shows that in November the number of straw ignition in Heilongjiang hit a new high. This year, the city of Heilongjiang, Zhaodong increased efforts to control the burning of straw, the local media and even for the first time reported that the villagers were detained because of burning straw news. A straw burning because of the detention of the villagers’ family members in an interview with reporters, said, do not want to understand if this straw does not burn, how can I do?" (November 24th "worker’s Daily") and the burning of straw Jinshao straw is farmers can not avoid the "big". In the field of crop straw, and is like a pair of twin brothers, although the straw can be used as fertilizer to field, but considering the pile in the ground will affect the land turnover, many farmers choice incineration, caused air pollution, traffic accidents, fire, soil damage and a series of problems have forced the government to move "Jinshao order for offenders, and taken to detention and fined. However, we can not help but ask: when the conflict between the interests of farmers and the public interest, a paper ban can really burn straw burning? Regardless of how to haze governance role, the fact is called 16 years, but "Jinshao order is used in satellite reconnaissance and peasant guerrilla warfare: farmers rush a burned, the government rushed a ban, the result is the mid ban, annual jinerbuzhi. The problem is in the way or attitude? Reflection on the logic of governance, must withstand the "burning Zezheng torture. When the old garden smoke curl, into today’s "smoke", the interests of the light blocking is not sparse "brain circuits" seems to deviate from the actual farmers. In the discussion of public governance space, the government "Jinshao order administration thinking behind the fatal mishap, really pay for farmers, the burning of straw could find the way to digest. The administrative thinking here, behind the actual fixed two yuan in urban and rural areas thinking at work. Farmers have luck in the face of the ban, burning repeated prone to moral condemnation, but thought justice indifference is not to illustrate the farmers burning straw for air pollution "scapegoat". Air pollution is affected by many factors, vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions of the city in the process of the same is not a "no emissions can be ignored. In the straw problem itself forced closure, farmers can experience the pain of cutting one’s body? The agricultural thought, "an antidote against the disease more easily.". In fact, "the straw Jinshao order processing costs transferred to the peasants, in the collection, packaging and other costs are high, and the subsidy and lower income, face nowhere to send the" waste ", incineration has become the most economical and time-saving" hobson". Looking for a way out of technology, subsidies, agricultural industrialization is far more important than any simple moral condemnation of farmers and the executive order of officials. In other words, to solve the straw burning Hao相关的主题文章: