Double 11 Chongqing contributed nearly 2 billion 300 million love to buy clothes

Double 11 Chongqing contributed nearly 2 billion 300 million: love to buy clothes this year Tmall double 11 of the total sales of 120 billion 700 million yuan. Reporter Zhou Xiaoxue photo 24 hours, 120 billion 700 million! When the arrival of zero, Alibaba real time data to stop in the red number 120 billion 700 million, compared with last year’s double more than and 11 of the 29 billion 400 million. This year 11, as of 23, Chongqing hand chop party contributed 2 billion 280 million yuan, ranking eighteenth in the country. Trading volume TOP10 is Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong, Sichuan, Hubei, Fujian and Henan. Double 11 to eighth years, is profoundly affecting people’s consumption habits, the structure of the business model, you have found these changes? From 1 billion 700 million to 2 billion 280 million last year, double, Chongqing people crazy to buy this year, double this year, as of the end of 23, the Chongqing public spent $2 billion 280 million 1 billion 700 million. In many product categories, Chongqing consumers love to buy the goods are down jacket, wool coat, boots, shoes, clothes and low mobile phone. From the point of view of occupation distribution, double 11 to buy to buy the crowd, the company accounted for the largest proportion of employees, followed by students, self-employed / service personnel, faculty, civil servants and workers. From the perspective of gender and age, women accounted for 63%, male accounted for 37%. Among them, the age of 25 years old and below accounted for the largest proportion of the population, followed by the age of 26 – to 35 years old, over the age of 41 and above, the crowd of people aged 36 – to the least restraint, to buy the least. From the promotion to the feast of many well known, double 11 is Tmall to create a consumer point. In 2009, Tmall (then known as Taobao mall) began to organize promotional activities in the November 11th "singles day" of the earliest just want to be a Taobao mall belongs to the festival, so that we can remember Taobao mall. The results of a hair get out of hand, "double 11" has become synonymous with the electricity supplier section of the consumer, even for non online shopping crowd, the next line mall also had a great influence. 2009, Tmall mall double 11 sales of only $50 million, but in November 11th of this year, when Tmall’s double 11 shopping Carnival opening time of sixth minutes and 58 seconds, the turnover exceeded 10 billion, the amount of trading day to reach $120 billion 700 million. Over the past 7 years, Tmall double has become a global business and consumer Carnival grand holiday of 11. Whether Ali ecosystem wide or global, retail, logistics, payment and other partners, the different roles of the participants are voluntary or involuntary into the field of the surge high and sweep forward social mobilization, the double 11 frontier China and the world business transformation. From picking up cheap to buy a suitable pair of 11 to eighth years, discounts, promotions, coupons more and more people can not afford to lift the sales gimmick appetite, people’s concept of online shopping has gradually restored rational. "Last year cheaper, rush to buy a bunch of skin care products, clothes, the hand only to find a variety of problems, or skin care products not suitable for my skin or clothes, the effect is not good." This year, who lives in Yangjiaping Hengda oasis Ms. Wong a lot of reason, she compared a few electricity providers and physical stores, early locked a brand phone, I have long wanted to change the phone, just double 11 engage in activities.相关的主题文章: