Dreammaker Spas Popular Eclipse From Their California Series Examined-tencent upd

Sports-and-Recreation Currently one of Dreammaker Spas most popular selling models is the Eclipse. It’s a round four-seater that’s also a stellar example of the benefits of new rotational molding technologies. For me, it was the ultra realistic looking faux stone exterior that’s molded directlyinto this unit that’s the first element to catch the eye. The perfect look for a garden setting. Even so, lets face it, a spa has to be more than great looking. So then lets pop the hood, so to speak and see what this 4-seater spa has to offer in the way of features and functions that seems to be attracting so many buyers. Of course with a lifetime warranty on the shell that pretty much checks out. But what about everything else? I like its weight. The Eclipse is fully insulated, yet weighs only 235 pounds when empty. This means that being that it is round, it can be easily tilted on edge and rolled through a home or apartment and loaded on a truck. No kidding people do it all the time. Take it camping or wherever because it easily plugs right into any 110 volt wall socket. Now this is a fun spa with its fair share of whistles and bells too. A very nice lit color changing waterfall, 13 separate hydrotherapy water jets and state of the art Balboa digital controls that includes digital color changing light feature. All standard on every unit. As for me though, I want to know that a spa is going to work correctly, be low maintenance and stand the rigors of time long into the future. It turns out that with a 1.5 hp high performance pump, deluxe quick change cartridge filter system and free surface skimmer, this Dreammaker spa checks out just fine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: