Drunk driving under the eyes of the driver and the police did not change the driver’s license to cha vstart

The driver drunk driving traffic police eyelids and unlicensed companion a license was revoked for Chinese daily news (reporter Li Xiaobo) drunk driving traffic police found the front, quickly and auxiliary driving friends change seats, but the traffic police found. Deputy driver who was not driving according to administrative detention for 15 days, drunk driving and driving the car to the driver without a license, was revoked driver’s license. The night of October 28th, high tech Traffic Police Brigade squadron Taibai Road in Taibai Road and Guanghua Road Cross card inventory of drunk driving. On the morning of 29 at 10 pm, Captain Yang Wuxue found along the route to cross north to South Taibai, there is a car like stop non-stop state, came ready to see. "I used to find the front row of the driver and the driver is changing seats, after the change is still slow to drive the vehicle." Yang Wu theory, he signaled the license plate number for the Shaanxi A33B× × BMW car parking inspection. When asked, the driver hesitated, "first said he did not take the driver’s license, I continue to ask, admit no license, no car." Yang Wu doctrine, when he asked the driver of the location of the guy, the other also admitted that he had drunk, because there is a traffic police at the crossroads, so he and his partner changed seats. Upon inquiry, drunk driving Zou at the age of 27, his 18 year old friend wang. Yesterday, Zou and Wang went to the traffic police department to accept the deal. Wang on suspicion of driving without a license was fined 2000 yuan, administrative detention for 15 days. Zoumou suspicion of drunk driving license was fined 1000 yuan, recorded 12 points, suspended for 6 months; at the same time, Zou the vehicle by the companion driving without a license, a fine of 2000 yuan, revoked license and shall not be 2 years to obtain a driver’s license. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: