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Eat dinner late   10 kinds of disease! Hubei Channel – people usually eat your dinner? At 6 in the evening? 7 point? Or is it 8? Recently, a study in Turkey showed that two hours before or after 7 p.m. to eat, will result in myocardial infarction! The researchers tracked 721 patients with an average age of 53, found 7 at night after eating, or eat two hours before going to bed in the night, the blood pressure is not reduced, has remained high is 2.8 times more likely to not eat the. British Daily Mail quoted researchers as saying that people with high blood pressure is a high risk of heart disease, blood pressure does not fall at night, then the risk of a heart attack or stroke will be much higher. This study if popular speech translation is: to eat dinner too late, have high incidence of myocardial infarction! And even increase the risk of cancer! Therefore, dinner is best to be resolved before 7 p.m.! The ancients know better than us! In the "Mo-tse miscellaneous Shou" on the record, the ancients eat only two meals a day, do not eat at night. The first meal is called "food," which is what we call breakfast. Second meal called "sun" or "food", in full time (four pm) meal. While the Chinese are saying: "nfam". The so-called "noon", is 11 noon – at 13, after a meal can not eat at 13. In fact, this is to prevent dinner too much, too much to bring the burden and disease! But now, people sleep time was significantly later than that in ancient times, we also need more food and energy, but we promote the best dinner again before 7 p.m., dinner too late to avoid body disease!   eat dinner too late, 10 kinds of disease side in addition to the researchers found that myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction, and these diseases are also too late for dinner! 1 patients with gastric mucosa is very delicate, gastric mucosa during the day must be guaranteed to complete the digestion of food, while the gastric mucosa is the task of updating the body in the night to rest under the state. People who eat dinner too late, the stomach will be followed by the night shift. Stomach fatigue state, coupled with the aging of the mucosa was not timely updates, as time passes, there is a stomach! 2 arteriosclerosis dinner too late will cause high blood fat, and sleep after the blood flow velocity and decrease, resulting in blood lipids in the blood vessel wall deposition, the formation of atherosclerosis risk if things go on like this, the coefficient of natural increase. 3 obesity after dinner is a long night, very little activity, but also because in this time is mainly to sleep, it consumes the least energy. If the dinner is too late, will make the night blood sugar, fat, amino acid content increased, and into their own fat, deposited in various parts of the body, over time, make people fat. 4 cancer eat dinner too late, too late to complete digestion, the residual protein will produce toxic substances in the intestinal bacteria under the action of the intestinal peristalsis of sleep is very slow, so that these toxins in the gut retention time prolonged, in the long term stimulation, can cause chronic enteritis and colon cancer. 5 coronary heart disease dinner to eat too late,相关的主题文章: