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Mobile-Cell-Phone Micromax mobile have made a long lasting impression in a very less time. These mobiles have many prominent features which have made them highly desirous in the mobile segment. Micromax mobiles at entry level cost very low and still some variant are available with excellent battery back-up. This is so because the .pany understands the problem of the user and wants to provide maximum talk time. Some people are so forgetful that they simply forget to charge their mobile daily, and then this mobile phone is the best. One such model is Micromax X1i . This is one of the best Micromax mobile in terms of battery back-up. User can use it for a month or so without getting tense about charging it day by day. In a way the mobile actually gives you freedom from charging it time and again. User is supposed to charge that Micromax handset only twelve times a year, instead of normal 365days a year such an elaborate difference, indeed. Micromax mobiles are also famous for elaborate features at very little cost. For example: Micromax X211 is that handset which is priced very low and is preloaded with VGA camera for the user. There are very few .panies which offer a camera in an entry level mobile phone. Micromax Mobile have created history in a very short time span. People have found so many features attached to the mobile phone like camera, FM, MP3 player, call record facility, T-flash memory of up to 2GB. User will feel entertained through these features. The next best thing is that the games are also available in these entry level Micromax mobiles. VGA camera enables quick clicking at anytime you want. If you want to click instantly then you neednt think much about it because the mobile offers inbuilt camera to click and also enough memory space to store saved pictures. Micromax mobiles are highly advertised mobiles. Prominent artists are alluring customers to buy the mobile phone and enjoy the latest features through entry level mobile phone. These are low in cost and high in features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: