Every day to help the owner of the dog to the peak of the delivery of tourists moved to tears – publ ca1806

The dog every day to help disabled owners to the peak delivery tourists moved to tears – public channel on September 17th news, this dog live in a rural area of Hebei, its owner with mild disability, in order to make a living in a small shop at the foot of the mountain, because her husband working outside year round, a wife and delivery and busy shop so, this dog took the initiative to provoke a delivery task. Before departure, the master will give it to eat some meat, enhance its strength, the master said that this dog is very sensible, as long as it is to say that it is a point of delivery, the dog is not delayed, even on the way of provocation dog, it will not throw the goods, but choose to ignore their own tasks to complete. When it is tired, lying on the roadside rest, curious tourists after it ran all the way to the top, when the goods are delivered to the consignor, dogs will be carrying the money back, give the money to the owner, it will lie on the side of the break. The dog Months and years pass by. delivery, where many tourists along the road known to every family, to give it some food, remember that there is a dog delivery sprain foot, by passing tourists found, well intentioned people see this scene is very sad, he felt that the dog is not easy, so the dog will be sent down, but the dog is from his arms and jumped down, difficult to climb up the mountain, until the goods sent to after the bow licked his injured paw, a lot of people see this scene are all moved to tears. May be in its heart, every day to help people delivery is the most happy thing, although very hard, but to get a few words of encouragement to the owner, it is satisfied. Source: igougou1314相关的主题文章: