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Humor Internet Video Magazine posts new Father’s Day Video page Funny Father’s Day Videos – Poignant Father’s Day Video Internet Video Magazine today posted a new page that spotlights and links to dozens of great Fathers Day Videos – some are funny, some not so funny. A few of the web videos will make you cry while others will make you gasp. Check them out at Best Fathers Day Videos http://internetvideomag.com/Videos/FathersDayVideo101.htm If you have made a great Father’s Day video or want to nominate a wonderful online video that made you cry or laugh out loud, please send the link to us at editors AT internetvideomag.com "Internet Video Magazine has been online for over 12 years now, spotlighting and featuring the best video cameras and camcorders, as well as related technologies like video editing software and lighting gear and tripods, " says Mark Shapiro, editor in chief of Internet Video Magazine. "We recognize the need for pros who want to shoot for internet use as well as those who shoot for broadcast and corporate videos." Internet Video Magazine also includes detailed guides about make your video viral and motivate your audience to share it with their friends, associates and social community. How to plan, create, shoot and edit your web and online video so that it finds and engages an audience; so that it becomes the holy grail of community and social networks, a viral video! About Internet Video Magazine (http://www.internetvideomag.com) Launched in 1999, Internet Video Magazine is the only online publication that spotlights the best videos and Internet films and movies on the net, as well as the greatest web sites that demonstrate amazing creativity and skill regarding how they integrate video into the site. Internet Video Magazine also provides a comprehensive resource for those consumers, businesses and video/media professionals who want to create and sharetheir own internet video productions. This includes reviews of new equipment such as camcorders, video editing systems, computer and broadcasting solutions, software, etc. We also feature tutorials and how to sections geared to video creators of all types, from beginners to professional About the Author: http://internetvideomag.com/Videos/FathersDayVideo101.htm 相关的主题文章: