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News-and-Society Sometimes I feel like everyone has a blog. I think that’s because everyone literally does. The Internet has gone from an information superhighway to a place where everyone can yammer and whine about everyday grievances and why they hate Nickelback so much. We’ll never be rid of Internet trolls, but if you can’t beat them, might as well join them. Blogs are a great way to showcase your terrible writing skills and talk about things things no one cares about. But as a writer and a blogger, I hope that mentality changes. For every good blog, there are 50 bad ones. So if you actually enjoy writing AND have a .mand of the English language, you can help rid the Internet of bad blogs. Even though blogging is something we can all do, that doesn’t mean everyone should do it. Everyone can write, for the most part, but does not mean everyone can write well. Before you start your blog site adventure, ask yourself this, "Do people actually enjoy my writing? Do I have something valuable to add to the Internet?" If you answered yes, you may continue reading. The most difficult part about starting a blog is .ing up with an idea for the blog. Installing WordPress and slapping on a colorful theme is easy. You need to reach your targeted audience and give them a reason to read your blog. Let’s be honest, today’s generation isn’t exactly enthralled by the written word anymore. Everything is visual now and if you don’t grab someone’s attention within ten seconds, you’re done. Do you want your blog site to be like a diary where you ramble on about your mediocre life? Honestly, most people, aside from your friends and family, will not be willing to read such a blog unless your life is actually entertaining and you know how to express yourself in such a way that people feel like they’re reading the memoirs of a rockstar. The best blogs are ones that inform and/or entertain. The more specific the topic, the better your chances at having a successful blog. Anyone can start a food blog, but you might gain a loyal following if the concept is gourmet food offered at budget establishments. You have to give people a reason to choose your food blog over the other 500 food blogs on the web. The best blog sites are also the ones that are frequently updated. This can be difficult for some, especially after a long day of work. But if you can stick to a schedule every week, readers will be .ing back for more. There’s nothing worse than visiting a great blog only to learn they haven’t updated in several weeks. Eventually they’ll stop caring and so shall be the death of yet another blog. Don’t let your blog site go to the Inter. graveyard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: