Five private courier companies listed in the next year, the focus of the next three aspects synnex

Five private courier companies listed in the next year, the focus of the next big thing in November 8th, the arrival of the listing of the courier to get through the condition, the current top five private courier companies listed on all successful. After the listing of the industry trend will fundamentally change in the competition, products, network and reorganization etc.. In July 1st, Xinhai shares announcement that rhyme freight to be valued 17 billion 760 million yuan backdoor Xinhai shares. The transaction includes two parts, namely, asset replacement and issue of shares to buy assets. Among them, intended to set out the assets of the initial price of 674 million yuan, the initial price of 17 billion 760 million yuan of assets to be placed. And the other four are different, the rhyme is late to the listed company, is meeting the Commission in June 17th on the "measures" major asset restructuring of listed companies to seek the views of the public, the provisions of backdoor listing and not to raise matching funds. Express investment expert Zhao Xiaomin told reporters on the interface, which means that the market can not be listed at the same time raise funds from the two market, funds need to raise their own, high cost. Compared to the other four (Shentong, Yuantong, raised 4 billion 800 million to raise 2 billion 300 million SF to raise 8 billion, in 9 billion 800 million, in the current raise) funds to fight the strength of the case, put forward higher requirements on the overall financial strength of rhyme. According to the backdoor programs, each courier company announced after the listing, the company still will focus on expanding the direct proportion, expand production capacity, including expanding the sorting center, improve network service capacity, update information system etc.. But after the listing, a large influx of funds, the entire industry will produce fundamental changes. First competition. Before the listing of the three pass one homogenization serious, single mode, with a price war to seize the market. After the listing of the major courier companies obviously have more action to explore new growth points. Zhao Xiaomin said that this year will be the market competition of express enterprises the most anxious, the worst, the biggest challenge for a year. For the future, Yuantong Express chairman Yu Weijiao in an interview with reporters of news interface, competitive battlefield of the future of the private courier the next one is the industrial chain, two international. On the one hand, the private enterprises are constructing their own industrial chain, line the store, transportation, finance, cold chain, overseas warehouse sector are actively layout, Shen Tong has just opened EU cross-border transportation routes; on the other hand, cross-border cooperation has become the norm, tact and cooperation of state-owned enterprises, China Unicom EMS and Alipay and WeChat, according to Zhao Xiaomin expected future cross-border cooperation will be the direction for the new traffic entrance, big data and customer resources. Two is the product. Prior to the listing of each product homogeneity, heavily dependent on electricity supplier. But in recent years with the express market growth continued to slow, has been difficult to achieve before the peak, the price war is not sustainable. After having funds, each can be in the electricity supplier for high-end pieces, such as business components. SF, tact and sto aviation business is intended to enhance the added value of the products, taking the high-end route. After the listing, Shen Tong chairman Chen Dejun said the reform of domestic express, step by step to promote business. Zhao Xiaomin also said that after the listing of the product structure and price adjustment imminent adjustment.相关的主题文章: